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86 Series I Volume XXVI-I Serial 41 - Port Hudson Part I

Page 86 W. FLA.,S. ALA.,S. MISS.,LA.,TEX.,N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

During this day we were directing the fire of the mortars.

On July 1, we were again at the same station, and the following are the messages received and sent:

Sent. "Can you see the gun that is firing now?"

Received. "The rebels from opposite me are firing."

Sent." Are they together?"

Received. "No; one is 600 yards, the next 1,000 yards, and the next 1,200 yards from your battery."

Sent. "On the river bank?"

Received. "Yes, within 50 yards of it."

Sent. "How was that shell from here?"

Received. "Don't know. Can direct fire of your guns, if you are ready."

Sent. "Ready now; firing at second gun; watch now."

Received. "Your last shot was very good; a little to the right."

Sent. "How was that?"

Received. "F. L. L. and 100 yards short."

Sent. "Have rebel shell done any damage to our battery on right bank?"

Received. "Can't say."

Sent. "Send a man to find [out], if not too dangerous. Watch fire of these mortars particularly. How was that?"

Received. "Did not explode?"

Sent. "How far to gun nearest citadel?"

Received. "Six hundred yards."

Sent. "Chart says 85 yards from here."

Received. "O. K."

Sent. "Will fire at it."

Received. "Fell 200 yards short; range good."

Received. "The fifth gun in our battery hit the lower rebel piece last shot. Tell them to F. L. L. and a hair lower. Just hit it again."

Sent. "See last shot?"

Received. "It was 10 feet to the left."

Sent. "I mean the mortar shot."

Received. "Struck in the citadel, 200 yards short."

Sent. "How is this one?"

Received. "One hundred and fifty yards short."

Received. "One Parrott on this bank is disabled."

Sent. "How?"

Received. "Hit by a shot."

Sent. "Yes, but how badly disabled, and hit in what part?"

Received. "The carriage was hit underneath. No great damage done. Last shot was 100 yards too short."

Sent. "General Stone wants to know if any damage has been done to rebel guns."

Received. "Our fifth gun has hit the breastwork of the big rifle four times. Its fire is splendid. Can dismount it soon. No other damage done."

Sent. "You say your fifth gun?"

Received. "Yes, from the left."

Sent. "Is the carriage of our Parrott gun too much disabled to be immediately repaired?"

Received. "The sixth gun has just made a glorious shot. I think not; believe they are working on it; am not sure. Let the sixth gun fire 16 feet more to the left."

Sent. "How now about the fifth and sixth guns?"

Received. "Numbers 6 gen is the bully boy."

Sent. "Can you give it any direction to make it any more bully?"

Received. "Last shot was a little to the right."

Received. "Fire sixth immediately. Rebs are fixing rifle; sixth can stop them."

Sent. "Report immediately any damage done to our guns."

Sent. "Have ceased firing until rebs open again. Did fifth and sixth have good aims?"

Received. "Yes, they have knocked half the earthworks over before the rifle."

Sent. "Can they now hit it with same aim?"

Received. "Yes."

Sent. "Will fire at rifle. Now report every shot."

Received. "S. S. E. I mean from guns just fired. I must know what guns are to fire."

Sent. "Only one in this battery. Cannot see your signals at all because of smoke and darkness. Now can see."

Received. "Do you know which gun is firing? Is it fifth or sixth."

Sent. "Neither; 'tis a navy Dahlgren, which I want you to direct the fire of."

Received. "O. K."

Page 86 W. FLA.,S. ALA.,S. MISS.,LA.,TEX.,N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.