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43 Series I Volume XXVI-I Serial 41 - Port Hudson Part I


No. 31.- Lieutenant Commander Edward Terry, U. S. Navy, commanding Naval Battery, of operations May 30 - July 8.

No. 32.- Statement of Confederate organization paroled at Port Hudson.

No. 33.- Captain C. M. Jackson, Acting Assistant Inspector-General, C. S. Army, of the surrender of Port Hudson.

No. 34.- Returns of Casualties in the Confederate forces (incomplete).

No. 35.- Captain Louis J. Girard, C. S. Army, Chief of Ordnance, Third Military District.

No. 36.- Brigadier General W. N. R. Beall, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

No. 37.- Captain John R. Fellows, Assistant Inspector-General, C. S. Army, of skirmish at Thompson's Creek, and assault on the works at Port Hudson.

No. 38.- Colonel David Provence, Sixteenth Arkansas Infantry, of the capture of Union outposts,and casualties to July 8.

No. 39.- Colonel O. P. Lyes, Twenty-third Arkansas Infantry,of operations May 31 - July 3.

No. 40.- Lieutenant Colonel P. F. De Garnet, Twelfth Louisiana Artillery Battalion, of operations May 24 - July 2.

No. 41.- Colonel I. G. W. Steedman, First Alabama Infantry, of operations May 25 - July 7.

No. 42.- Colonel W. B. Shelby, Thirty-ninth Mississippi Infantry, of operations June 8.

No. 43.- Major Thomas H. Johnston, First Mississippi Infantry, of operations July 2-3.

No. 44.- Lieutenant E. A. Toledano, Watson (Louisiana) Battery, of operations May 24.

No. 45.- Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Wingfield, Ninth Louisiana Battalion Partisan Rangers.

No. 46.- Colonel W. R. Miles, Louisiana Legion, of operations May 21 - July 7.

No. 47.- Lieutenant Colonel Frederick B. Brand, Miles' (Louisiana) Legion, of operations June 24 - 27.

No. 48.- Colonel John L. Logan, Eleventh Arkansas Infantry, of operations May 21 - July 8.

No. 1. Reports of Major General Nathaniel P. Banks, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Gulf.*

HDQRS. DEPT. OF THE GULF, NINETEENTH ARMY CORPS, Before Port Hudson, La., May 30, 1863.

GENERAL: Leaving Simsport, on the Atchafalaya, where my command was at the date of my last dispatch, I landed at Bayou Sara at 2 o'clock on the morning of the 21st. A portion of the infantry was transported by steamer, and the balance of the infantry, artillery, cavalry, and wagon train moving down on the west bank of the river, and from this to Bayou Sara.

On the 23d, a junction was effected with the advance of Major-General Augur and Brigadier-General Sherman, our line occupying the Bayou Sara road, at a distance of 5 miles from Port Hudson. Major-General Augur had an encounter with a portion of the enemy on the Bayou Sara road, in the direction of Baton Rouge, which resulted in the direction of Baton Rouge, which resulted in the repulse of the enemy with heavy loss.

On the 25th, the enemy was compelled to abandon his first line of works. General Weitzel's brigade, which had covered our rear in the march from Alexandria, joined us on the 26th, and on the morning of the 27th a general assault was made upon the fortifications. The artillery opened fire between 5 and 6 o'clock, which was continued with animation during the day.

At 10 o'clock a.m. Weitzel's brigade, with the division of General


*See also General Reports, p.5.