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61 Series I Volume L-II Serial 106 - Pacific Part II


march to this post to-day, which he did. Matters are all right now, and will remain so while they are under my immediate command. A majority of the officers and the men beg that I will not leave them at Ruby Valley with their colonel, but to take them with me to Salt Lake. I certainly fear that so leaving them will not be beneficial to the interests of the Government, or to the discipline of the command. Under the circumstances I would respectfully recommend that I be permitted to take the command to Salt Lake, and defer garrisoning Ruby Valley until spring, by which time I will guarantee they will be a credit to the service. From information gleaned since my arrival in this Territory I understand that Ruby Valley is a bleak, inhospitable place-no forage, nor timber to build with, and, as far as the Indians are concerned, entirely unnecessary to keep troops there. Cavalry can be subsisted for one-fourth less at Salt Lake than at Ruby. I take pleasure in announcing the good health and high state of discipline of my own regiment. On Wednesday next I review and inspect the troops at this post, and on Thursday I against ake up the line of march. I have ben necessarily delayed in repairing my wagons and putting them in athoroughtly serviceable condition. I understand from Major McDermit, that the presence of Captain Rowe's company at Adobe Meadows is unnecessary, and that the xpense of foraging and subisisting the company there is very high. From the manner in which affairs were managed while he commanded this post last winter, I am of the opinion that a little wholesome discipline would be greatly beneficial to him as well as the Government. I am much pleased with the care and economy practiced by Major McDermit at this post, and shall leave him in command.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Third Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding District.

FORT BRAGG, CAL., August 11, 1 862.

First Lieutenant JOHN HANNA, Jr.,

Adjutant Second California Vol., Infantry, Fort Humboldt:

SIR: I have the honor to report that agreeably to t he inclosed Special Orders, Numbers 1, dated headquarters Battalion Second California Volunteer Infantry, Steamship Panama, August 5, 1862, I arrived at Fort Bragg, Cal., with Company D, Second California Volunteer Infantry, on the 7th, and relieved Captain Jer. B. Moore, Third California Volunteer Infantry, at that post this day.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Second California Volunteer Infantry, Commanding Post.

Fort Walla Walla, Wash. Ter., August 11, 1862.


Headquarters District of Oregon, Fort Vancouver, Wash. Ter.:

SIR: Inclosed I have the honor to transmi copy of a letter this day given to Mr. Z. Van Orman for Lieutenant-Colonel Maury, in command of the emigrant road expedition. A friend and relative of Mr. Van Orman has just arrived from the East, and has been the children referred to. He attempted to buy them, but was unsuccessful, the Indians refusing to give them up except at very great price. Mr. Van Orman has arranged to take out with him the person alluded to, hoping to overtake