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24 Series I Volume XXXIII- Serial 60 - New Berne

Page 24 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLV.

Richmond papers of the 22nd instant state that Hoke's brigade is ordered to North Carolina, charged with the duty of arresting deserters. No particular locality is specified. The news from Kinston is that quite a large force is there, anticipating, I presume, an attack from us. This we have known for some time.

I am, major, very respectfully, your obedient servant



Major R. S. DAVIS,

Assistant Adjutant-General.


Abstract from Record from Events on district return for January, 1864.

January 20. - An expedition started from Plymouth, N. C. under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell, One hundred and third Pennsylvania Volunteers, for the purpose of proceeding to Harrellsville to capture or destroy Confederate property which had been concentrated there. The expedition was highly successful; a large amount of property was brought away, and for want of transportation many wagons, large quantities of salt and sugar, and 150,000 pounds of pork were destroyed; our loss, 1 killed; enemy's, 1 killed and 2 wounded.

January 26. - Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell was dispatched from Plymouth to destroy and capture Confederate property, with a small force, into Hertford County; 200,000 pounds of pork were destroyed, also a large amount of Confederate property; tobacco, cotton, horses, mules, and wagons were brought away.

January 27. - Colonel Jourdan started from Newport Barracks with detachments of the Ninth Vermont, One hundred and fifty-eighth New York Volunteers, Twelfth New York Volunteer Cavalry, and Mix's Cavalry, and proceeded to Onslow County, N. C.,; captured the pickets stationed in that county, 27 men with 24 horses and cavalry equipments.

January 29. - A detachment of infantry, under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Tolles, Fifteenth Connecticut Volunteers, accompanied by a detachment of seamen, under Lieutenant-Commander Flusser, U. S. Navy, proceeded up the Roanoke River to Windsor, to destroy Confederate supplies there concentrated. A rebel cantonment near the place was destroyed; horses, mules, wagons, clothing, and ammunition were captured. Several prominent citizens were brought away to be held as hostages for certain loyal persons incarcerated in Richmond; 2 prisoners were captured.

New Berne, N. C., February 24, 1864.

The commanding general has often recognized the ability with which Brigadier-General Wessells has administered the Sub-district of the Albemarle, and acknowledged the good conduct of his officers and men.

The late expedition to Windsor was followed by another in the same quarter only a few weeks since, consisting of detachments of

Page 24 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLV.