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911 Series I Volume XX-I Serial 29 - Murfreesborough Part I


Lieutenant Pollard, whose right arm and leg were broken by musket shots), were killed or severely wounded, and 10 with 14 horses) slightly wounded.

I found upon the field, and appropriated to my use, about 130 rounds of excellent 12-pounder fixed ammunition, and also the rear part of a caisson, which I took in place of one of mine.


Captain Company Light Artillery.

Major-General [P. R.]CLEBURNE.

No. 280. Reports of Major General John P. McCown, C. S. Army, commanding division, Smith's corps.

SHELBYVILLE, TENN., January 16, 1863.

Lieut. Gen. W. J. HARDEE,

C. S. Army, Tullahoma, Tenn.:

GENERAL: I send in my report of the part my division took in the battle in front of Murfreesborough, Tenn., on January [December] 31, 1862. The accompanying papers, including subordinate reports, I hope will give you all the information you desire.

Very respectfully,&c.,




HEADQUARTERS SECOND DIVISION, SMITH'S CORPS, Shellbyville, Tenn., January 20, 1863.

Having acted under the orders of Lieutenant-General Hardee at the battle before Murfreesborough, on December 31, 1862, I have the honor to make the following report of the part taken by my division:

My division is composed of three brigades, constituted as follows,+ * * * my effective force being about 4,000 men.

My command was located at Readyville, Tenn., 12 miles east of Murfreesborough.

At 12 o'clock, on the night of December 26, I received orders from the general commanding to move at once to Murfreesborough. I arrived at 9 a.m. on the 27th, this march being made in a cold drenching rain. In obedience to orders, my division was posted near the Nashville pike, behind Stone's River, as the reserve to the Army of Tennessee.

On the 29th, I moved my division to our extreme left, to fill an interval between Lieutenant-General Polk's left and the Triune road. Not finding an interval, I posted my command on the left of the Triune road, in a lane at nearly right angles to said road, and about 150 yards in advance of Lieutenant-General Polk's advance line, with Brigadier-General McNair's brigade in reserve; two batteries in reserve, and one (Eufaula Light Artillery) near my center.

On the 30th, the enemy extended his lines to our left, placing in position several batteries, and later in the day made a determined attack upon Robertson's battery, placed on General Polk's left. I directed the Eufaula Light Artillery to be posted so as to take the enemy's line and one battery in flank. Brigadier-General Rains executed this orders, in person, with considerable damage to the enemy.

+See Organization of the Army of Tennessee, No. 189, p.660.