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841 Series I Volume XX-I Serial 29 - Murfreesborough Part I


31, [1862,] and were withdrawn at about 3 p.m., during the whole of which time they were under a heavy fire from the enemy. After taking our position, we fought them one hour [silencing their infantry fire], at which time we received orders to fall back on the brigade. I am proud to say that my men were very calm, and obeyed every order promptly. My color-bearer and 2 privates killed; 27 officers and men wounded.

The casualties* are as follows: Killed-non-commissioned officers and privates, 3. Wounded-commissioned officers, 3; non-commissioned officers and privates, 24. Total, 30.

On Friday, January 2, on the extreme left, while skirmishing with the enemy in front of our brigade, Private Harvey Teat, of Company B, was severely wounded in the thigh.

I also take pleasure in mentioning the names of the following officers and men of different commands that remained with us during the engagement on Wednesday:

Captain [B. F.] Moss, Company E, Eighth Mississippi Regiment, bore colors of his regiment with our battalion; Capt. S. E. Melson, Company F, Forty-first Mississippi Regiment; Captain [R. E. V.] Yates, Company D, Forty-first Mississippi Regiment; Private F. E. Johnson, Company A, Forty-first Mississippi Regiment [wounded]; Privates A. Sanders, Thomas [S.] Patterson, John Moore, Company F, Forty-first Mississippi Regiment; Lieut. A. T. Calhoun and Private T. L. Ribero, of Captain [John F.] Iverson's company, Fifth Georgia Regiment.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

J. J. COX,

Major, Comdg.[Second Georgia] Battalion Sharpshooters.

CHATTANOOGA, TENN., January 20, 1863.

CAPTAIN: In obedience to orders of this date, I have the honor to state that the battalion had engaged in the battle of December 31, [1862,] before Murfreesborough, viz, 13 commissioned officers, 30 non--commissioned officers, and 109 privates.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

J. J. COX,

Major, Comdg.[Second Georgia] Battalion Sharpshooters.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

No. 251. Report of Lieut. Col. A. McNeill, Eighth Mississippi Infantry.

- -, 1863.

* * * * *

The above report+ is as accurate as can at present be obtained. The regiment entered the engagement with an aggregate of about 270, and the above list of casualties shows that near half of those who went into action were either killed or wounded.

The regiment became engaged on Wednesday, December 31, 1862, about 12 m., and nobly withstood a most murderous fire of shell and shot until about 3 p.m., at which time they were ordered to withdraw.


*Nominal list omitted.

+Nominal list of casualties, omitted, is embodied in statement on p.840.