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828 Series I Volume XX-I Serial 29 - Murfreesborough Part I

Page 828 KY.,MID.,AND E.TENN.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXXII.

was killed early in the action by a grape-shot. Than him there was none a more gallant officer. He had not recovered from wounds received at Baton Rouge. Lieutenant-Colonel [Joseph P.] Nuckols was wounded in shoulder, near picket fence. Captain [W. P.] Bramblett, First Lieutenant [G. B.] Burnley, Second Lieutenants [Green F.] Higginson, [N. D.] Clayton, [and Robert] Dunn were killed, and Lieutenants [Isham T.] Dudley, Robert Moore [since said to have died], John [B.] Moore, [William] Lashbrooke, and [R. A.] Thompson were wounded, together with privates and non-commissioned officers.

One company [Captain [J. L.] Trice's], being on picket duty, was not in the engagement.

The color-bearer [Robert Lindsey], being wounded, refused to allow any one to accompany him to the rear, although bleeding at the mouth and nose. He handed the colors on return to Private Jones, who was killed, when they were borne to the last by Joseph Nichols, of Company F.

Thus it will be seen that of 23 officers of this regiment who went into the fifth, 7 were killed and 6 wounded.

The command of the regiment was, on my assuming command of the brigade, turned over to Captain [Thomas W.] Thompson.

The detailed statements heretofore furnished show the casualties to have been as follows:

Command Killed Wounded Missing

2nd Kentucky 14 70 24

4th Kentucky 12 47 11

6th Kentucky 2 60 14

9th Kentucky 1 28 -

41st Alabama 18 89 35

Cobb's battery 3 3 -

Total 50 297 84

Aggregate - - 431

The conduct of Colonel Lewis, Lieutenant-Colonel Stansel, Forty-first Alabama; MajorJames [W.] Hewitt, Second Kentucky; Lieutenant-Colonel Nuckols and Captain Thompson, of Fourth Kentucky, as well as that of the other field and company officers engage, was gallant in the highest degree, and the men repeated also the steadiness and courage which characterized them at Donelson, Shiloh, Baton Rouge, Vicksburg, and Hartsville.

Lieutenants [T. E.] Stake and [Joseph] Benedict and Captain [S. F.] Chipley, of General Hanson's staff, bore themselves with exemplary courage.

My thanks are due, too, to the medical staff and to Captain Semple, division ordnance officer, and Acting Lieutenant Presley Trabue, brigade ordnance officer, for their promptness in bringing up supplies of ammunition, and to my adjutant, Robert H. Williams, of Fourth Kentucky.

I cannot close this report without more special mention of one whose gallantry and capacity we all witnessed with pride, and whose loss we and the whole army sincerely deplore. I mean the gallant General Hanson, who fell in the pride of his manhood in the thickest of the fight, nobly doing his duty. His wound was mortal, and death ensued on Sunday morning, at 5 o'clock.

Page 828 KY.,MID.,AND E.TENN.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXXII.