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8 Series I Volume XVI-II Serial 23 - Morgan's First Kentucky Raid, Perryville Campaign Part II

Page 8 KY., M. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXVIII.


Dumont's Brigade.

Brigadier General EBENZER DUMONT.

28th Kentucky, Colonel William P. Boone.

71st Ohio, Colonel Rodney Mason.

74th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander von Schrader.

1st Tennessee, Colonel Alvan C. Gillem.

3rd Indiana Cav., Co. I, Captain Argus E. Vanosdol.

7th Pennsylvania Cav., Lieutenant Colonel William B. Sipes.

Artillery Reserve.


Indiana Light, 4th Battery, Captain Asahel K. Bush.

Michigan Light, 5th Battery, Captain John J. Dennis.

1st Ohio Light, Battery G. Captain Joseph Barlett.

1st Ohio Light, Battery M, Captain Frederick Schultz.

Cavalry Brigade.

2nd Indiana, Colonel Edward M. McCook.

3rd Indiana, (3 cos.) Captain Robert Klein.

3rd Kentucky, Colonel James S. Jackson.

3rd Ohio, Colonel Lewis Zahm.



50th Indiana, Colonel Cyrus L. Dunham.

16th Kentucky, Colonel Charles A. Marshall.

18th Kentucky, Colonel William A. Warner.

11th Michigan, Colonel William L. Stoughton.

40th Ohio, Colonel Jonathan Cranor.

69th Ohio, Colonel Lewis D. Campbell.

78th Pennsylvania, Colonel William Sirwell.


1st Kentucky, Colonel Frank Wolford.

4th Kentucky, Colonel Jesse Bayles.

5th Kentucky, Colonel David R. Haggard.

9th Pennsylvania, Colonel Edward C. Williams.

Fry Kentucky Scouts, Captain Henry G. Twyman.

Anderson Troop (Penn.), Captain William J. Palmer.


Indiana Light, 11th Battery, Captain Arnold Sutermeister

Kentucky Light, Battery B, Captain John M. Hewett.

1st Ohio Light, Battery B, Captain William E. Standart.

WASHINGTON, June 11, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK, Corinth:

A dispatch from General McClellan this morning repeats the report of Beauregard's being in Richmond with a portion of his force. The wretched weather checks all military operations there. General McClellan suggests a strong detachment from your army to strengthen him, and the movement of a heavy column from Dalton upon Atlanta. The President is greatly delighted with your own contemplated movements mentioned in your telegram two days ago.* Fremont had a battle with Jackson on Sunday and drove him from the field. Our troops are operating through Stono Creek upon Charleston; but I think that General Hunter's force is too small for any decided result, and every force that can be spared has been sent to Richmond.


Secretary of War.

Which were "to send all forces not required to hold the Memphis and Charleston Railroad to the relief of Curtis in Arkansas and to East Tennessee." (See Series I, Vol. X, Part I, p. 671.)

Page 8 KY., M. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXVIII.