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92 Series I Volume XVI-I Serial 22 - Morgan's First Kentucky Raid, Perryville Campaign Part I

Page 92 KY., M. AND E.TENN., N. ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXVIII.

Question. State if you please, what route you took in going there.

After leaving General Polk's headquarters we went by a circuitous route, over a dirt road, until we met the main body of the rebels, which was on the march to Harrodsburg. At this point we left the road upon which they were marching and went through the woods to Harrodsburg.

Question. On what road is the residence of Mr. Bowman, at which you staid?

At the junction of two roads, one leading to Danville, the other came in on the right-hand since as you went near Harrodsburg.

Question. You are positive the left-hand road was the Danville road?

I am not positive it is the main road to Danville, but the road we went.

Question. Did you see any large bodies of rebel troops marching past Mr. Bowman's house while you were there?

No, sir; I did not.

Question. What do you mean by detached bodies of troops which you say you saw?

Smaller bodies of men than the whole column; a brigade or regiment away from the column.

Question. Where did you see them and in what way were they marching?

As far as the troops in the town are concerned, they appeared to have no apparent object; those leaving the town marched from the town on the opposite side from that where Mr. Bowman's house was situated.

Commission adjourned to meet December 9, at 10 a.m.

NASHVILLE, December 9, 1862-10 a.m.

Commission met pursuant to adjournment. All the members present; also the judge-advocate and General Buell.

General ROBERT B. MITCHELL (a witness for the Government), being duly sworn, testified as follows:


Question. What is your position in the Army of the United States?


Question. State, if you please, what service you have seen under General Buell in Tennessee and Kentucky as to time.

I marched from Iuka to Tennessee on the 28th July, 1862, in command of the Fourth Division in the Army of the Mississippi, for the purpose of joining General Buell's command at this point. I do not think it possible that I can recall the dates. I marched to Columbia, Tenn., under my written orders, and there I received orders by telegraph to join General Buell's army at Murfreesborough, Tenn., which I did, and reported to General Buell in person. From there I marched to this point, Nashville. After remaining here a few days, in the rear of General Buell's army, I marched in the direction of Louisville, under his directions. I do not remember where to Louisville and from Louisville to Crab Orchard. At Louisville the army was reorganized. In consequence of the arrest of General Davis I was placed in command of the Ninth Division of the Army of the Ohio, and commanded it from Louisville to Crab Orchard.

Question. Do you know at what place the rebels under General Bragg invaded or crossed the Cumberland in their invasion of Kentucky?

I do not.

Question. Do you know anything of their line of march to Bardstown?

Page 92 KY., M. AND E.TENN., N. ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXVIII.