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42 Series I Volume XXXVII-II Serial 71 - Monocacy Part II

Page 42 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.

Ferry with the force of Leetown and Martinsburg. The enemy are supposed to be marching for Williamsport. General Sigel was outflanked, and his forces retired before superior numbers.

By order of Brigadier General Max Weber, commanding:


First Lieutenant and Aide-de-Camp.

[JULY 4, 1864.-For Kelley to Halleck, reporting attacks on South Branch and Patterson's Creek bridges, see Part I, p. 186.]


(Received 10.35 a. m.)

Brigadier General B. F. KELLEY:

Imboden made a dash in here this morning quite early. They captured only one man from this post; did but little damage to the railroad. our men wounded several, and one is now in my house seriously wounded, [whom] they left behind them. Imboden's forces cannot exceed 500 men. They are all mounted on indifferent horses. They went back at 12 a. m. toward Winchester and Bloomery. They took all my horses and grain; burned several canal boats, &c. I understood they captured the colonel and about 40 men belonging to the One hundred and fifty-third Ohio, or what was at Paw-Paw. This occurred near North River Mills.


Cumberland, July 4, 1864.

Major J. B. LEWIS,

In Charge of General Hospital:

The near approach of the enemy upon this city rendering it necessary that all the available force be concentrated here to meet them, you will arm such of the convalescents in the Clayville hospital as are able to do duty with whatever weapons you may have in your possession that have been deposited with you by the soldier in said hospital, and direct them to report to Lieutenant Kelley, aide-de-camp, without delay.

By order of Brigadier-General Kelley:


Lieutenant and Aide-de-Camp.

BALTIMORE, MD., July 4, 1864-12 m.

General B. F. KELLEY,


Your every satisfactory telegram of 9 last p. m. has been communicated to the Secretary of War and General Halleck. As Brush Creek is a very defensible position with a good block-house, and as the bridge there is very difficult to reconstruct, can you not cover it

Page 42 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.