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30 Series I Volume XXXVII-II Serial 71 - Monocacy Part II

Page 30 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.

PARKERSBURG, July 3, 1864.

(Received 8.48 p. m.)

General B. F. KELLEY:

Major Simpson, with detachment of Eleventh West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, will leave here 5 p. m. to-day. General Hunter and staff will be here to-morrow 12 m.


Captain and Assistant Quartermaster.

CUMBERLAND, July 3, 1864.

J. B. FORD, Esq., Wheeling:

Serious trouble below; the wires are cut; cannot communicate east of Sir John's Run. Do all in your power to push the troops of General Hunter east from Parkersburg.



Washington, D. C., July 3, 1864.

Honorable GEORGE A. THRUSTON, Cumberland, Md.:

DEAR SIR: I owe you an apology for not sooner answering your note of June 18. As the giving of passes through the enemy's lines does not come under my direction but directly under the Secretary of War, through the Adjutant-General's department, your note was referred, and in the press of business I neglected to write you a personal answer, as I intended at the time. Although I have not had the pleasure of seeing you since you left West Point, I remember you there very distinctly, and have several times inquired for you recently, to all of which inquiries I have received most favorable answers. The local commander has authority to give passes, &c., for persons within his lines, but passes to go through or come through our lines are given only by the Secretary of War, and seldom by him. I am exceedingly happy to learn that you are so usefully employed in clearing Maryland of slavery. While I have none of the fanatical feeling on this subject of the old Northern abolitionists, I am satisfied that the institution has been a curse to Maryland and other border States, if not the cotton States, and that it is the primary cause of this war. By becoming free, Maryland will have taken a long stride toward future prosperity and greatness.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

BALTIMORE, MD., July 3, 1864.

Brigadier General E. B. TYLER,

Commanding First Separate Brigade:

GENERAL: You are hereby directed to concentrate the Third Regiment Potomac Home Brigade at Monrovia, and if necessary push it and any other available troops forward to the Monocacy Junction; but unless a point is to be gained you are directed not to risk the troops unless you think the Monocacy can be held against any force

Page 30 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.