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18 Series I Volume XXXVII-I Serial 70 - Monocacy Part I

Page 18 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.

Numbers 7. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan D. Hines, Twelfth Ohio Infantry, of skirmishers at princeton and New River Bridge, and engagement at Cloyd's Mountain.

Meadow Bluff, W. Va., May 20, 1864.

LIEUTENANT: I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the regiment under my command in the several actions and skirmishers during the late expedition under Brigadier-General Crook against the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad:

May 6, Companies B and D, under command of Major E. M. Carey, had slight skirmish with the enemy at Princeton, driving them from the place.

May 9, marched with Second Brigade across Cloyd's Mountain, east of the turnpike, to flank enemy's position. Formed regiment in line to the left of the Fourteenth Virginia Volunteer Infantry, as directed by Colonel White, commanding the brigade, and advanced through a thick wood toward the enemy. The broken nature of the ground and dense underbrush rendered the march very difficult. A fourth to half a mile brought us under fire. Enemy were strongly posted on a hill-side behind breast-works of rails, from which they opened a sharp fire. Our regiment advanced steadily, driving the enemy from his advanced works until we came under an enfilading fire from a position to the left, which had not been observed, owing to the thick woods. Under a severe cross-fire the regiment fell into momentary confusion, but were soon rallied behind the Ninth Virginia and Ninety-first Ohio, and again marched to the field.

Our loss was considerable, 9 killed, 40 wounded severely, and 29 slightly; total, 78. Of the wounded, 12 are reported mortal. Among the wounded was Captain A. N. Channel (since reported dead), Captain R. Williams (severe), Lieutenant Abram King (severe), Lieutenant James H. palmer (severe), Lieutenant John W. White (slight). Besides those killed and wounded, 12 are missing, and Surg. N. F. Graham and 8 others were left in charge of the hospital, on the battle-field. Those reported missing are believed to have straggled from the ranks and remained at the hospital. None were captured.

The conduct of all the officers and nearly all the men was so excellent that it seems invidious to particularize. Yet I cannot forbear mentioning the coolness and soldierly bearing of Major E. M. Carey, to whose efforts in rallying the regiment we were so much indebted. Also the gallantry and promptness of Lieutenant James H. Palmer, acting adjutant, who was severely, perhaps mortally, wounded by a shot through the left lung.

The limits of this report forbid the mention of any considerable number of our brave non-commissioned officers and privates. Yet the fearless bearing of Sergt. Major John A. Snyder and Color Sergt. Lemuel H. McMichael demand especial notice. At some future time I shall ask permission to make honorable mention of many others.

May 10, supported batteries during the heavy shelling at New River bridge, crossed the New River at Pepper's Ferry, and moved two miles up the right bank to the railroad, drove off a few cavalry and burned one bridge of two spans (forty feet each), two bridges

Page 18 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.