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46 Series I Volume XLIX-I Serial 103 - Mobile Bay Campaign Part I

Page 46 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. &C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

the fertile brain of the editor, which, I fear, is ever full of, to him, pleasing visions of rebel cavalry hovering around. I can safely certify on honor that there was not the least foundation for the report. We chased the gang to within half a mile of Stone's River. Having lost some time in getting the correct trail from the correct trail rom the wood-yard and being three hours behind them at this point, and our horses being completely tired down, having done all i could do for the present, I thought it best to return to Nashville. In conclusion I can confidently assert that there are no guerrillas at the present time, or any other force on or between the Nolensville and Murfreesborough pikes, but how long they will remain away it is impossible for me to say.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Tenth Tennessee Infantry.

Major POLK,

Assistant Adjutant-General, District of Tennessee.

FEBRUARY 16, 1865.-Skirmish near Gurley's Tank, Ala.

Report of Lieutenant Wilson Dailey, Seventy-third Indiana Infantry.

GURLEY'S TANK, ALA., February 16, 1865.

SIR: I have the honor to report the repulse of fifty men of Russell's Fourth Alabama Cavalry, under command of a captain, by a foraging party of twenty men (twelve from my command and eight from Lieutenant Arnold's detachment of pioneers) under command of Sergt. Daniel Hensley, who was sent to the plantation of one Peebe, three miles and a half from this point, on the Brownsborough road. On their return, when about one mile and a half from this point, they were attacked by fifty men of Russell's Fourth Alabama Cavalry, under command of Captain Britton and Lieutenant Olds. The detachment kept up a running fight until they gained the cover of the wood, where, after a stubborn of a few minutes, [they] repulsed the enemy and brought off the teams in safety, without any loss on our side except the following ordnance, two Enfield rifles and equipments, which were taken from two prisoners, who afterward escaped and came in. The casualties on the part of the enemy were 1 man (Jack Hickman, Fourth Alabama Cavalry) Killed and 1 man (Allen Grant, Fourth Alabama Cavalry) wounded; 3 more are supposed wounded. Peebe was recognized by one of the escape prisoners as one of the attacking party. I should like to have the privilege of destroying his plantation.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Second Lieutenant, Commanding.


Commanding Railroad Defenses.

Page 46 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. &C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.