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9 Series I Volume XLIX-I Serial 103 - Mobile Bay Campaign Part I


JANUARY 23-27, 1865.-Scout from Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

Reports of Lieutenant Colonel William c. Barlett, Second North Carolina Mounted Infantry.

CUMBERLAND GAP, January 28, 1865.

GENERAL: On Monday last i sent out a scout under Lieutenant J. N. Jennings, of Second North Carolina Mounted Infantry, which returned yesterday, having killed 12 rebel guerrillas, wounded a number, and captured 10, besides having captured from the rebels 40 horses, some of them saddled.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

Brigadier-General TILLSON,

Commanding Fourth Division, Twenty-third Army Corps.

CUMBERLAND GAP, January 28, 1865.

The men sent on scout were those of Lieutenant Jennings' command, North Carolina Mounted Infantry, and of Captains Odle's and Riley's home guards. I would like to dispose of captured stock, so as to keep all these squads well mounted, as they all are constantly hard at work, acting under my orders. Cannot also rations be issued to them? The proportion of killed was larger than reported, being between 20 and 25 instead of 12. My orders are to shoot a guerrilla whenever and wherever [he] is found, and not to take prisoners on any account.



Brigadier-General TILLSON.

JANUARY 25, 1865.- Skirmish near Simpsonville, Shelby County, Ky.

Report of Brigadier General Hugh Ewing, U. S. Army, commanidng Second Division, District of Kentucky.

JANUARY 26, 1865.

COLONEL: The general commanding desires me to say that information has reached these headquarters that a cattle guard composed of negro soldiers were attacked at or near Simpsonville, Shelby County, yesterday and a number killed and wounded-of the latter seventeen are reported. It is absolutely necessary that they be attended to. You will therefore call the attention of the medical department to the fact. Secure if possible a mounted force of twenty-five to fifty men and send them to Simpsonville to escort the ambulances sent to bring in the wounded, with further instructions to collect the cattle and drive them to this city. They will further ascertain if any officers were in command of the guard; if so, arrest and bring them to these headquarters. Give this matter your immediate attention and report the departure of the force sent out.

By command of of Brigadier General Hugh Ewing:


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.

Lieutenant-Colonel COYL,

Commanding Post, Louisville, Ky.