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5 Series I Volume XLIX-I Serial 103 - Mobile Bay Campaign Part I


JANUARY 9-FEBRUARY 15, 1865.-Scouts about Mount Sterling, Ky.


Numbers 1.-Colonel Simeon B. Brown, Eleventh Michigan Cavalry.

Numbers 2.-Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Smith, Eleventh Michigan Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Reports of Colonel Simeon B. Brown, Eleventh Michigan Cavalry.

Mount Sterling, Ky., February 15, 1865.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of this regiment since being camped at this place:

We arrived here on the 9th of January dismounted and almost without arms. On the 14th, the men being partially armed, Major West, with 100 dismounted men, was sent out to Flat Rock to scout the country in that vicinity. January 20, one dismounted company was sent to encamp at the fort, and has been there ever since. January 24, we received 150 horses. Next morning, the 25th, Major Buck, with two companies, was sent to Flemingsburg, in accordance with orders received. January 28, 200 more horses were issued to the command. Friday morning, February 3, Lieutenant-Colonel Smith was sent out with four companies, and was gone three days. He returned early Sunday night with some horses, &c., which were captured from guerrillas. Early Monday morning seven companies were sent out under Lieutenant Colonel Smith. They were gone two days and captured four men dressed in rebel uniform, mounted and armed. They returned February 7. On the 9th Major George was sent with three companies to Owingsville and vicinity, Company D to Stanton and vicinity, Companies B and H to Sharpsburg and Flat Rock, and another detachment to Camargo, leaving in camp only two dismounted and one mounted company, the latter for picket duty. All mounted companies having returned on the night of the 11th, on the morning of the 12th Company A was sent to Owingsville with twenty days' rations, Company B to Jeffersonville with ten day's rations, Company D to Flat Rock with ten day's rations, Company H to Oil Springs with ten days' rations, Company K to Carlisle with ten days' rations. The above in accordance with orders received. We arrived here with with old tents, the same we received in Michigan when the regiment was organized in 1863. The men when camping piled the earth around the bottom of the tens to keep out the cold. This earth has frozen, and to-day has been the first day since receiving the order to move that the tents could be taken up without rendering them completely useless. The troops of this command have not been communicative with the citizens hereabouts, and scouts sent out leave camp either at night or very early in the morning purposely to avoid the notice of the citizens, who do not hesitate to publish every move that is made.

I am, captain, most respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Eleventh Michigan Cavalry, Commanding.

Captain J. S. BUTLER,

Asst. Adjt. General, First Div., Military District of Kentucky.

P. S.-The commands sent out were divided into small parties, which scoured the country thoroughly. The companies now absent are not encamped at places mentioned, but merely make that their headquarters to get rations. They are constantly employed scouting the country.