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98 Series I Volume XIII- Serial 19 - Missouri - Arkansas Campaign

Page 98 MO., ARK., KANS., IND.T., AND DEPT. N.W. Chapter XXV.

quantity. Dividing his command into four squads, he had the country between Miami and Frankfort thoroughly scoured. Two bands of marauders were found, who, as usual, decamped on sight of our troops. Two of them were killed, 2 severely wounded, and 3 more captured-in all 5 prisoners; 4 horses were also captured. In addition to the prisoners mentioned, 2 more were taken by the ruse of dressing a party of soldiers in citizen dress and arming them with shot-guns. The villains unmasked themselves and gave some valuable information before they were undeceived.

On the 9th instant Captain Winters, Company H, Seventh Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, returned from a scout near Waverly. He succeeded in routing the bushwhackers completely on the island in that neighborhood, killed 2, took 3 prisoners, burnt the camp, with a large quantity of bacon and meal, driving them into the river. Among the killed was the man who boasted of having killed the orderly sergeant of Company I, Seventh Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, in an encounter on May 26 last.

I received yesterday a dispatch by telegraph from Lieutenant-Colonel Buel, commanding at Independence, stating that there were two bodies of the guerrillas near Pink Hill, on the west line of this county, and asking assistance to rout them. Two hours after I had 80 men, under command of Captain Spellman, Company C, Seventh Missouri Cavalry, en route for Pink Hill.

I have just received a telegram from Lieutenant-Colonel Buel, stating that the mail escort from Independence to Pleasant Hill was attacked yesterday and 2 of our men killed and 2 wounded.

I am, &c.,


Colonel Seventh Mo. Vol. Cavalry, Commanding Sub-District.

Brigadier General JAMES TOTTEN,

Commanding District of Central Missouri, Jefferson City, Mo.

No. 2. Reports of Major David McKee, Seventh Missouri Cavalry.

Marshall, Jun 9, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to give you the following information in regard to what I am doing here. On the 4th instant I started from here with 80 men, en route for Miami. Dividing my force into four parts, on our way we captured several men returning from Price's army. On going into town I demanded all the arms and ammunition in the place. I got some 30 guns and pistols, most of which were worthless; also some small lost of powder and lead. I left there en route for Cambridge, dividing my force as before, and gave the river bottom a thorough scouring. On our way we ran into a nest of bushwhackers, wounded 2, captured 3, and the remainder made their escape. I could not tell their number, as it was in very thick brush. I returned to camp on the evening of the 7th, and information had been received of some rebels on an island above Waverly. I sent Captain Winters with 50 men in pursuit of them. He succeeded in getting some skiffs and crossing a part of his men onto the island. He killed 2, captured 3, and got possession

Page 98 MO., ARK., KANS., IND.T., AND DEPT. N.W. Chapter XXV.