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7 Series I Volume XXXI-III Serial 56 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part III


MAYSVILLE, November 1, 1863.

Major-General REYNOLDS:*

The order for cavalry for General Hooker was received on the night of the 25th October, and I started the cavalry next morning, 26th October. If they are not there at this time, have been detained by high water. I heard, however, of their arrival there two or three days ago, they took prisoners from here-Gurley among the rest.




General J. J. REYNOLDS,
Chief of Staff:

GENERAL: Upon yesterday a dispatch was sent advising you of my arrival at this point with the Third Brigade [Colonel Post, commanding]. The First Brigade [Colonel Sedgewick] was left in position at Shellmound with Simonson's battery. Your dispatch of yesterday is received this morning by courier-line.+

As soon as General Whitaker reports with his command, the division will be placed in position as indicated in your last communication, to wit: First Brigade, Colonel Sedgewick, at Bridgeport; Second Brigade, General Whitaker, at Shellmound, and the Third Brigade, Colonel Post, at Whiteside's. Division headquarters will be at Shellmound to-morrow.

The position of the two brigades that have been with me was communicated to Major-General Hooker, and his orders received last evening corresponding with yours, and making various suggestions as to fortifying the points occupied, and sending information that an engineer will soon report to lay out the works for the perfect defense of this point, to be constructed by the force here. All the brigades of the division are without intrenching tools. General Hooker has authorized a requisition for a small number upon the quartermaster at Bridgeport for the use of the brigade at this point. I have authorized Colonel Sedgewick to make a like requisition for his command. The work will be pressed vigorously as soon as the troops can be got into position as ordered. There must be a large amount of work done immediately at certain localities along the road, and I have a detail already repairing some of the worst places between Whiteside's and Shellmound.

Reconnaissances that have been made develop considerable forage both at Whiteside's and Shellmound. Measures will be taken immediately to secure it. A small force of cavalry should be on duty with the division, for the time being, for the purpose of reconnaissance and communication, if the general state of the service will permit it. General Palmer having taken with him his escort, there are but three mounted orderlies at these headquarters. The quartermaster and inspector of the division also left with General Palmer, and the staff should be supplied with these officers at once.

The two brigades here were regularly mustered for pay yesterday.


*For dispatch to which this is an answer, see Part I, p.795.

+See Part I, p.795.