Today in History:

9 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II


Numbers 201.-Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah W. Jenkins, Thirty-first Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 202.-Itinerary of the First Brigade, Second Division, Colonel Nathan W. Tupper commanding, November 1-30.

Numbers 203.-Brigadier General Joseph A. J. Lightburn, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 204.-Brigadier General Hugh Ewing, U. S. Army, commanding Fourth Division, including operations since September 28.

Numbers 205.-Colonel John M. Loomis, Twenty-sixth Illinois Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 206.-Colonel Charles C. Walcutt, Forty-sixth Ohio Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 207.-Colonel Joseph R. Cockerill, Seventieth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade, including operations since September 28, and march to the relief of Knoxville.

Numbers 208.-Captain Henry Richardson, First Missouri Light Artillery, Chief of Artillery.

Numbers 209.-Brigadier General John E. Smith, U. R. Army, commanding Second Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, including operations since September 29.

Numbers 210.-Colonel Jesse I. Alexander, Fifty-ninth Indiana Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 211.-Lieutenant Colonel John E. Tourtellotte, Fourth Minnesota Infantry.

Numbers 212.-Colonel Clark R. Wever, Seventeenth Iowa Infantry, Second Brigade.

Numbers 213.-Colonel Francis C. Deimling, Tenth Missouri Infantry.

Numbers 214.-Brigadier General Charles L. Matthies, U. R. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 215.-Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas C. Buswell, Ninety-third Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 216.-Colonel Jabez Banbury, fifth Iowa Infantry.


Numbers 217.-Abstract from return of the Army of Tennessee October 31 and December 10, 1863.

Numbers 218.-Organization of the Army of Tennessee, General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, commanding, November 20, 1863.

Numbers 219.-General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Tennessee, with field dispatches, etc.

Numbers 220.-Return of Casualties in the Confederate forces.

Numbers 221.-Brigadier General John K. Jackson, C. S. Army, commanding Cheatham's division, Hardee's corps.

Numbers 222.-Brigadier General Edward C. Walthall, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 223.-Colonel William F. Dowd, Twenty-fourth Mississippi Infantry.

Numbers 224.-Lieutenant Colonel A. J. Jones, Twenty-seventh Mississippi Infantry.

No. 225.-Colonel William F. Brantly, Twenty-ninth Mississippi Infantry.

Numbers 226.-Major James M. Johnson, Thirtieth Mississippi Infantry.

Numbers 227.-Captain H. J. Bowen, Thirty-fourth Mississippi Infantry.

Numbers 228.-Brigadier General John C. Moore, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 229.-Brigadier General Marcus J. Wright, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 230.-Colonel John H. Anderson, Eighth Tennessee Infantry, commanding regiment and Wright's brigade.

Numbers 231.-Lieutenant Colonel Chris C. McKinney, Eighth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 232.-Captain Benjamin Randals, Sixteenth Tennesee Infantry.

Numbers 233.-Colonel Sidney S. Stanton, Twenty-eighth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 234.-Lieutenant Colonel John G. Hall, Fifty-first Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifty-first and Fifty-second Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 235.-Captain R. F. Kolb, Alabama battery.