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8 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 8 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.


Numbers 163.-Captain John H. Jolly, Eighty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 164.-Captain Edward Grosvenor, Ninety-second Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 165.-Colonel Ferdinand Van Derveer, Thirty-fifth Ohio Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 166.-Colonel Milton S. Robinson, Seventy-fifth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 167.-Colonel Newell Gleason, Eighty-seventh Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 168.-Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Doan, One hundred and first Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 169.-Lieutenant Colonel Judson W. Bishop, Second Minnesota Infantry.

Numbers 170.-Colonel Gustave Kammerling, Ninth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 171.-Major Joseph L. Budd, Thirty-fifth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 172.-Lieutenant Colonel William R. Tolles, One hundred and fifth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 173.-Colonel William H. Hays, Tenth Kentucky Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 174.-Lieutenant Colonel Marsh B. Taylor, Tenth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 175-Lieutenant Colonel Myron Baker, Seventy-fourth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 176.-Major Robert M. Kelly, Fourth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 177.-Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel C. Wharton, Tenth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 178.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry D. Kingsbury, Fourteenth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 179.-Major Charles Greenwood, Thirty-eighth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 180.-Brigadier General John M. Brannan, U. S. Army, Chief of Artillery, Army of the Cumberland.

Numbers 181.-Captain James H. Stokes, Chicago Board of Trade Battery, commanding right batteries.

Numbers 182.-Colonel James Barnett, First Ohio Light Artillery, commanding First Division, Artillery Reserve.

Numbers 183.-Captain Josiah W. Church, First Michigan Light Artillery, commanding First Brigade, Second Division.

Numbers 184.-Lieutenant Obadiah German, Eighth Wisconsin Battery.

Numbers 185.-Colonel Eli Long, Fourth Ohio Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade, Second Cavalry Division, of raid on the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, and including operations November 17, 1863-January 3, 1864.

Numbers 186.-Lieutenant Colonel Edward Kitchell, Ninety-eighth Illinois (mounted) Infantry, of raid on the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad.

Numbers 187.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry Jordan, Seventeenth Indiana (mounted) Infantry, of raid on the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad.

Numbers 188.-Major Horace Gray, Fourth Michigan Cavalry, of raid on the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad.

Numbers 189.-Major General William T. Sherman, U. S. Army, commanding Army of the Tennessee, including operations since September 22, and march to the relief of Knoxville, with field dispatches November 18-29, and thanks of Congress.

Numbers 190.-Captain Ocran H. Howard, Chief Signal Officer, Army of the Tennessee.

Numbers 191.-Brigadier General Peter J. Osterhaus, U. S. Army, commanding First Division, Fifteenth Army Corps.

Numbers 192.-Brigadier General Charles R. Woods, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 193.-Colonel Thomas Curly, Twenty-seventh Missouri Infantry.

Numbers 194.-Major Willard Warner, Seventy-sixth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 195.-Colonel James A. Williamson, Fourth Iowa Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 196.-Lieutenant Colonel George Burton, Fourth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 197.-Colonel David Carskaddon, Ninth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 198.-Colonel George A. Stone, Twenty-fifth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 199.-Colonel Milo Smith, Twenty-sixth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 200.-Lieutenant Colonel Aurelius Roberts, Thirtieth Iowa Infantry.

Page 8 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.