Today in History:

5 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II


Numbers 46.-Lieutenant Colonel William H. Young, Twenty-sixth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 47.-Lieutenant Colonel Milton Barnes, Ninety-seventh Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 48.-Colonel Charles G. Harker, Sixty-fifth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 49.-Colonel Emerson Opdycke, One hundred and twenty-fifth Ohio Infantry, commanding First Demi-Brigade.

Numbers 50.-Colonel Allen Buckner, Seventy-ninth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 51.-Colonel Henry C. Dunlap, Third Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 52.-Colonel Alexander McIlvain, Sixty-fourth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 53.-Lieutenant Colonel William A. Bullitt, Third Kentucky Infantry, commanding Sixty-fifth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 54.-Captain Edward P. Bates, One hundred and twenty-fifth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 55.-Colonel Nathan H. Walworth, Forty-second Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Demi-Brigade.

Numbers 56.-Lieutenant Colonel Francis Swanwick, Twenty-second Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 57.-Colonel Jonathan R. Miles, Twenty-seventh Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 58.-Captain Edgar D. Swain, Forty-second Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 59.-Captain Albert M. Tilton, Fifty-first Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 60.-Captain William A. Naylor, Tenth Indiana Battery.

Numbers 61.-Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division.

Numbers 62.-Brigadier General August Willich, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 63.-Colonel Richard H. Nodine, Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 64.-Lieutenant colonel William P. Chandler, Thirty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 65.-Lieutenant Colonel William D. Williams, Eighty-ninth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 66.-Colonel Frank Erdelmeyer, Thirty-second Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 67.-Liuet. Colonel Harvey J. Espy, Sixty-eighth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 68.-Colonel John A. Martin, Eighth Kansas Infantry.

Numbers 69.-Lieutenant Colonel Frank Askew, Fifteenth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 70.-Major Samuel F. Gray, Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 71.-Captain John A. Gordon, Fifteenth Wisconsin Infantry.

Numbers 72.-Brigadier General William B. Hazen, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 73.-Major Calvin D. Campbell, Sixth Indiana Infantry, including march to the relief of Knoxville.

Numbers 74.-Colonel William W. Berry, Fifth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 75.-Major Richard T. Whitaker, Sixth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 76.-Lieutenant Colonel James C. Foy, Twenty-third Kentucky Infantry, including march to the relief of Knoxville.

Numbers 77.-Major Joab A. Stafford, First Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 78.-Lieutenant Colonel Alexander C. Christopher, Sixth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 79.-Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Kimberly, Forty-first Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 80.-Captain Samuel B. Smith, Ninety-third Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 81.-Liuet. Colonel James Pickands, One hundred and twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 82.- Brigadier General Samuel Beatty, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 83.-Colonel Frederick Knefler, Seventy-ninth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 84.-Colonel George F. Dick, Eighty-sixth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 85.-Colonel George H. Cram, Ninth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 86.-Colonel Alexander M. Stout, Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 87.-Colonel Dwight Jarvis, jr., Thirteenth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 88.-Colonel Charles F. Manderson, Nineteenth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 89.-Major General Joseph Hooker, U. S. Army, commanding Eleventh and Twelfth Army Corps, with field dispatches and congratulatory orders.

Numbers 90.-Lieutenant Henry C. Wharton, U. S. Corps of Engineers.