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840 Series I Volume XXXI-I Serial 54 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part I

Page 840 KY., SW., VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA., Chapter XLIII.

officer. The shots had the effect to cause a desertion of the work forthwith by the party. On the south side of Williams' Island the enemy gave some evidence of activity and employed sharpshooters on my pickets on the island during the afternoon. About 7.30 o'clock I was notified from department headquarters of an intention on the part of the enemy to effect a crossing "behind the island". To defeat any such attempt I ordered one regiment to re-enforce my pickets on the island, and planted a section of battery on the hill back of island, having transported the section to that point by mules, as the horses of the battery have been sent to Stevenson.

To support this battery I placed the Eighth Kentucky Infnatry in its rear. My picket-line was doubled throughout and orders were given that no enemy of whatever force must be permitted to mount this bank of the river.

Two efforts were made to lodge troops on the island, but were defeated and driven off both times. This morning finds me in possession of the crossings and of the island, and all of them cannot drive me off. I caused the range of the enemy's camps to be taken yesterday, and in the night opened fire and caused every light to be quickly extinguished, having planted the shell in and over their camps. The force that attempted a lodgment on the island I cannot determine. It was night, but the two efforts and sharpshooters show to my mind that it was strong.



Brigadier-General, commanding.


Chattanooga, October 26, 1863-8 p.m.

Brigadier-General CRUFT:

You will assume command of the First Division, Fourth Corps, Major-General Palmer's wound obliging him to leave the field, and move with it to Rankin's Ferry, and co-operate with General Hooker, who proceeds to the same point via the south side of the river. If your battery cannot make the ferry to-morrow, you will move on with your infantry. A battery has already been ordered from Bridgeport to join you at Rankin's Ferry to provide against the possibility of the battery of the First Division not suceeding in getting through. A pontoon bridge is also on the way to the ferry.

By command of Major-General Thomas:

Major-General, Chief of Staff.


Chattanooga, October 26, 1863-6.15 p.m.

Colonel D. McCOOK,

Comdg. Third Brig., Second Div., 14th Army Corps:

Send your battery (Barnett's) down to Brown's Ferry, to report to General W. F. Smith, by 5 o'clock to-morrow morning, and hold your brigade in readiness to march at any moment, taking three

Page 840 KY., SW., VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA., Chapter XLIII.