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836 Series I Volume XXXI-I Serial 54 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part I

Page 836 KY., SW., VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.

horses and 3,000 or 4,000 horse equipments immediately, for we are now completely crippled for the want of them, and some measures ought to be taken at once to improve the quality of both. It is certainly economy to the Government in a pecuniary point of view, saying nothing of the benefits which would arise from our being then always in good condition, which is in reality of much greater importance.

I respectfully submit the subject for your action.


Brigadier-General, commanding.

MAYSVILLE, October 25, 1863

(Via Stevenson, 26th.)

Major General U. S. GRANT:

I have sent your communication* by a courier with instructions not to sleep until he finds General Sherman. My expedition to the Tennessee report ne rebel cavalry on this side. The citizens here report that General Wheeler has been skirmishing with Sherman at or near Bear Creek on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have the honor to report that my cavalry have been on a constant go, and the cold drenching rains we have had since this last raid have so completely used up my horses that there are scarcely any of them fit for service. I would like them sent to me by way of Decherd; also have shoes that are set sent me. have no forge to work. Rough shoes here. I have been trying to get these things ever since I arrived here.



COLUMBIA, October 25, 1863


Assistant Adjutant-General:

I have had flying rumors of Wheeler, Lee, and Roddey crossing the Tennessee this way; that Roddey had crossed; that river was high and crossing difficult. I do not know how reliable this may be, though I am inclined to credit in part. I have sent scouts to investigate and will report all information promptly. They may try to pick me up as I have only 300 men, but I am intrenched on hill with two pieces of artillery.


Colonel, commanding.

Rankin's Ferry, October 25, 1863.

Lieutenant-Colonel GODDARD,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Army of the Cumberland:

SIR: I have just received information that the rebels are hauling boats up the river opposite Williams' Island and intend crossing behind the island. The information is reliable and can be depended upon.

By order of B. P. Wells, captain commanding.:


Captain and Acting Adjutant.


*See p.713


Page 836 KY., SW., VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.