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2 Series I Volume XXXI-I Serial 54 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part I

Page 2 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.

October 26-27, 1863.-Skirmishes at and near Sweet Water, Tennessee

26-29, 1863.-Reopening of the Tennessee River, including skirmish (27th) at Brown's Ferry and engagement (28th and 29th) at Wauhatchie, Tennessee

27, 1863.-Skirmish in Cherokee County, N. C.

Skirmish at Clinch Mountain, Tennessee

Scout from Columbia toward Pulaski, Tennessee, and skirmish.

28, 1863.-Maj. General John M. Palmer, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Fourteenth Army Corps.

Skirmish at Clarksville, Tennessee

Skirmish at Leiper's Ferry, Tennessee

29, 1863.-Maj. General Frank P. Blair, jr., U. S. Army, assumes command of the Fifteenth Army Corps.

Skirmish at Centreville, Tennessee

29-Nov.2, 1863.-Scout from Winchester to Fayetteville, Tennessee

30, 1863.-Skirmish at Salyersville, Ky.

Skirmish at Leiper's Ferry, Holston River, Tennessee

31, 1863.-Skirmish at Barton's Station, Ala.

Skirmish at Yazoo City, Miss.

November 1, 1863.-Skirmish at Fayetteville, Tennessee

Skirmish at Eastport, Tennessee

Skirmish at Quinn and Jackson's Mill, Miss.

Scout from Bovina Station to Baldwin's Ferry, Miss.

2, 1863.-Skirmish at Corinth, Miss.

Skirmish at Centreville, Tennessee

Skirmish at Piney Factory, Tennessee

3, 1863.-Skirmish at Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

3-5, 1863.-Operations on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad.

4, 1863.-Skirmish at Maysville, Ala.

Skirmish at Motley's Ford, Little Tennessee River, Tennessee

4-Dec.23, 1863.-The Knoxville (Tennessee) Campaign.

5, 1863.-Skirmish in Loudon County, Tennessee

Skirmish at Holly Springs, Miss.

6, 1863.-Action near Rogersville, Tennessee

8, 1863.-Maj. General John C. Breckinridge, C. S. Army, supersedes Lieutenant General Daniel H. Hill in command of the Second Corps, Army of Tennessee.

10-13, 1863.-Expedition from Skipwith's Landing to Tallulah Court-House, Miss.

11, 1863.-Skirmish near Natchez, Miss.

12, 1863.-Skirmish near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee Skirmish at Corinth, Miss.

13, 1863.-Skirmish at Blythe's Ferry, Tennessee River, Tennessee

Skirmish at Palmyra, Tennessee

14, 1863.-Brig. General Nathan B. Forrest, C. S. Army, assigned to command of West Tennessee.

14-15, 1863.-Skirmishers at Danville, Miss.

14-17, 1863.-Expedition from Maysville to Whitesburg and Decatur, Ala.

15, 1863.-Skirmish at Pillowville, Tennessee

18, 1863.-Skirmish at Trenton, Ga.

18-22, 1863.-Expedition from Skipwith's Landing to Roebuck Lake, Miss.

19, 1863.-Skirmish at Meriwether's Ferry, near Union City, Tennessee

Page 2 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.