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69 Series I Volume XXVII-II Serial 44 - Gettysburg Campaign Part II

Page 69 Chapter XXXIX. The Gettysburg Campaign.


Hdqr. First Brig., Second Div., Eighth Army Corps, June 27, 1863.

Respectfully forwarded with the following remarks:

Note 1. - The order was given by me.

Note 2. -Major-General Milroy came on the field and gave the order in person.

Note 3. -The order to advance was given by me.

Note 4. -Major-General Milroy rode at the head of my brigade to Harper's Ferry. I was with the brigade also. W. L. Elliot, Brigadier-General, U. S. Volunteers, Comdg.

Numbers 390.

Report of Major Darius Titu, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry, of operations June 13-15.

Bloody Run, Bedford County, Pa., June 29, 1863.

SIR: Most respectfully I submit the following report of the doings and part taken by the Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry in the late engagement at Winchester, Va.: Friday, June 12, the regiment was ordered out on the Front Royal road, to proceed to the river. According to order, they proceeded to within about 3 miles of the river, where they found a large rebel force, consisting of cavalry, infantry, and artillery. After skirmishing with them awhile, and ascertaining their strength, the regiment fell back to Winchester. Two men wounded. On arriving at Winchester, we were again ordered to go out on the Strasburg road, to re-enforce the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry. Did not proceed far before the regiment met them returning with some prisoner. Both regiments returned to camp. At about 7 p. m. the regiment, by order from General Milroy, left camp on scout for Strasburg, or to go as far as Middletown. We proceeded to Middletown and beyond. Saw no rebels, and returned to camp about 2 a. m. Saturday morning, about 7 o'clock, by general order, we took the advance on the Strasbourg road to Union Mills (I think is the name), about 4 or 5 miles from town. We found some infantry there. We proceeded on the Strasburg road about 3 miles farther. Remained an hour or so; then fell back to the force which had collected and was in line of battle near the mill. We were placed on the extreme right of the line. About noon, action commenced on the Front Royal road. Our regiment took the advance on the Strasburg road near the mill; sent out skirmishers. Found the rebels in large force in woods to the left of the Strasburg road. After some skirmishing, and the woods shelled by our artillery, the rebels fell back, and changed their position to the right of the road. During the skirmishing, we lost 1 man killed and 2 wounded. The fight soon became quite general on the right of the road, but our infantry and artillery sustained their ground, and drove them back until dark, when the regiment, was ordered back near to Winchester; there remained in line with the Thirteenth during a heavy thunder-storm until about 12 o'clock, when we were ordered to camp, which was located on the Martins-

Page 69 Chapter XXXIX. The Gettysburg Campaign.