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29 Series I Volume XXVII-II Serial 44 - Gettysburg Campaign Part II

Page 29 Chapter XXXIX. The Gettysburg Campaign.

Mr. Benjamin Brown, an influential man from Hagerstown, whom I know, came in this p. m., and reports as follow:


Maryland Heights June 24, 1863.

Major -General Halleck, Commander-in -Chief:

Mr. Benjamin Brown tell me he left Hagerstown at 8 o'clock this a. m. He says:"Jenkins came into Hagerstown on the 15th, at 4 p. m., with about 2, 000 mounted men, and on the same day Ewell's men, about 12, 000 and sixteen pieces of artillery arrived in Williamsport . Jenkins went down the Valley, and returned on Saturday evening to Hagerstown with about 1, 000 head of cattle and as many horses. On Monday, he 22nd, Jenkins and Ewell both started down the Valley toward Chambersburg. On Tuesday (yesterday, Johnson's division, about 22, 000 men arrived at Hagerstown, and passed on to join Ewell. On Sunday, I saw General Ewell go into the Catholic church. He is a one-legend man. Johnson has forty-three pieces of artillery. I passed six regiments at Sharpsburg as I came down . They marched toward Boonborough. The men told me they were a part of Longstreet's corps which was coming on . " I consider the reports reliable . I telegraph Mr. Brown's words.

Dan. Tyler,


Not having received any answer to the flag I sent yesterday, and knowing that General Lee was at Berryville, I dispatched the following:

Headquarters, Harper's Ferry, W. Va., June 24, 1863.

General R. E. Lee, Commanding Confederate Forces near Berryville, Va.,

SIR: IN accordance with the rights and usages of war, two flags of truce have been sent into your lines, requesting information as to the killed and wounded at Winchester, and both cases answer were promised, but have not been received. Ascertaining from what I consider reliable authority that you are at Berryville or vicinity, I address you, and request the names of such killed and wounded officers as can be ascertained, and to know whether we can be permitted in any way to contribute to the necessities of our officers and men prisoners in your hands.

Your obedient servant,

Dan, Tyler,


The officer returned with the information that the answer might be expected at 10 a. m to-morrow at Bolivar Heights, which, for reasons, I declined. Telegraphed Major -General Halleck as follows:

Headquarters, Maryland Heights, June 24, 1863-10 a. m.

Major -General Halleck, Commander -in Chief:

Longstreets corps, which camped last night between Berryville and Charlestown, is to-day in motion, and before 6 o'clock this morning, commenced crossing by the ford i mile below Shepherdstown to Sharpsburg. I have reports from two reliable parties that at least 15, 000 men have crossed the ford this morning, mainly artillery and infantry. The troops all halted at Sharpsburg, and the wagons at 10 a. m. are crossing.

Dan. Tyler,


The defenses which for the last three days have been vigorously pushed are now in a condition to hold the place against any force that will be through against it ; but it is now almost sure that General Lee is not inclined to attack Maryland Heights, and this opinion

Page 29 Chapter XXXIX. The Gettysburg Campaign.