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27 Series I Volume XXVII-II Serial 44 - Gettysburg Campaign Part II

Page 27 Chapter XXXIX. The Gettysburg Campaign.

and near Sharpsburg, and with better means of observation, and the moment they return I will communicate . The company of engineers is at Monocacy still. Is this as you wish?Lieutenant New did not see any infantry moving north.

Dan. Tyler.


Having experienced great difficulty in obtaining any assistance from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, I telegraphed the following:

Headquarters, Maryland Heights, June 22, 1863-10 p. m.

Lieutenant Colonel Donn. Piatt, Chief of Staff, Baltimore, Md.:

Will you see Superintendent Smith, and ascertain whether we are to have any use of his railroad?I gave such orders this morning as I thought necessary to secure us the howitzers and axes, and Mr. Smith countermands them, and telegraphs for more orders . If the Government will take possession of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, it may derive some advantage from it. As matters now stand. we take all the care that is taken of this road, and they attend mainly to the local business. Mr. Smith seems determined to take no risk for the road and that if any engines or cars are captured the Government is to be responsible. Is that so? This morning I directed the howitzers and axes to be sent forward by an old engine which they had at Harper's Ferry, not worth $1, 000. We want the howitzers &c., fresh beef and medical stores . Other subsistence we don't want in any large quantities, as we have fifteen day's rations now on the Heights, and a greater amount is not required.

Dan. Tyler,


In view of the increased rebel force in the vicinity, I called a meeting of the commanders of brigades at 8 p. m., and gave definite orders to each in case of an attack, and ordered the troops under arms at 3 a. am. to-morrow morning. June 23. - It is apparent that enemy is moving in force into Pennsylvania, and at 10 a. m. telegraphed Major -General Hooker the following:

Headquarters, Maryland Heights, June 23, 1863 10a. m.

Major -General Hooker, Commanding Army of the Potomac:

The troops that were at Sharpsburg yesterday have all left -the infantry and artillery for Hagerstown and the cavalry for Frederick . General Early's division thirty-four pieces of artillery and about 15, 000 infantry, passed on yesterday to reenforce Rodes at Hagerstown. The signal officer just reports that atmosphere as clear, and that he can see aline of troops 10 or 12 miles long moving from the direction of Berryville towards Shepherdstow Ford. It looks as if Lee's movement is toward Hagerstown and in Pe nnsylavania . General Ewell, I am sure, passed through Sharpsburg yesterday in an ambulance .

Dan. Tyler,

Brigadier-General .

Having some doubt as to the condition of the telegraph line between Washington and Baltimore, I telegraphed Major-General Halleck as follows:

Maryland Heights, June 23, 1863-5p. m.

Major -General Halleck: Commander -in Chief:

I telegraphed Major- General Hooker this morning that all the forces about Sharpsburg had moved toward Hagerstown, excepting some cavalry, which were moving toward Frederick . I have no telegrams this morning, and I fear the line is tampered with. Let me know if my telegrams have been received .

Dan. Tyler,

Brigadier -General.

Page 27 Chapter XXXIX. The Gettysburg Campaign.