Today in History:

9 Series I Volume XXVII-II Serial 44 - Gettysburg Campaign Part II


No. 420. - Major General Robert H. Milroy, U. S. Army, of skirmish at Mc Connellsburg, Pa.

No. 421. - Colonel Lewis B, Pierce, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry, of skirmish near Greencastle, Pa. DEPARTMENT OF WEST VIRGINIA.

No. 422. - Brig. General Benjamin F. Kelley, U. S. Army, Commanding Department of West Virginia, of operations July 8-12.

No. 423. -- Medals of Honor for battle of Gettysburg . ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

No. 424. - Organization of the Army of Northern Virginia at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3.

No. 425. - Abstract from Returns of the Army of Northern Virginia for July 20 and 31, 1863.

No. 426. - General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Northern Virginia.

No. 427. - Surg. Lafayette Guild, C. S. Army, Medical Director, With Return of Casualties in the Army of Northern Virginia .

No. 428. - Brig. General William N. Pendleton, C. S. Army, Chief of Artillery.

No. 429. - Lieut Colonel Briscoe G. Baldwin, C. S. Army, Chief of Ordnance, of Artillery captured and lost during the Pennsylvania Campaign.

No. 430. - Lieutenant General James. Longstreet, C. S. Army, Commanding First Army Corps .

No. 431. - Surg . F. W. Patterson, of medical officers and wounded of McLaws' division left at Gettysburg.

No. 432 . - Brig. General J . B. Kershaw, C. S. Army, commanding Brigade, Mclaws' division .

No. 433. - Major R. C. Maffett, Third South Infantry .

No. 434. - Colonel James D, Nance, Third South Carolina Infantry.

No. 435. -Colonel H. C. Cabell, C. S. Army, Commanding Artillery Battalion .

No. 436 Captain E. S. McCarthy, First Richmond Howitzers.

No. 437. - Captain B. C. Manly, Company A, First North Carolina Artillery .

Numbers 438. - Lieutenant W. J. Furlong, Pulaski (Georgia)Artillery .

No. 439. - Lieut . Ro. M. Anderson, First Richmond Howitzers, commanding Pulaski Artillery, of operations July 10-11.

No. 440. - Lieut C. W . Motes, Troup(Georgia)Artillery.

No. 441. - Major Charles S . Peyton., Nineteenth Virginia Infantry, commanding Garnett's brigade Pickett's division .

No. 442. - Major James Dearing, C. S. Army, Commanding Artillery Battalion.

No 443. - Lieutenant Colonel L. H. Scruggs, Fourth Alabama Infantry.

No. 444. -Col William C. Oates, Fifteenth Alabama Infantry .

No. 445 Colonel William F. Perry, Forty -fourth Alabama Infantry.

No. 446. - Major James M, Campbell, Forty -seventh Alabama Infantry.

No. 447. - Col James L. Sheffield, Forty -eight Alabama Infantry.

No. 448. - Colonel W. W. White, Seventh Georgia Infantry, commanding Anderson 's brigade including action Funkstown .

No. 449. - Captain George Hillyer, Ninth Georgia Infantry.

No. 450. - Major H. D. McDaniel, Eleventh Georgia Infantry.

No. 451, - Major B. H. Gee, Fifty-ninth Georgia Infantry.

No. 452. - Brig. Ge. J. B. Robertson, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. No

No. 453. - Colonel Van. H. Manning, Third Arkansas Infantry.

No 454. - Lieutenant Colonel P. A. Work, First Texas Infantry.