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8 Series I Volume XXVII-I Serial 43 - Gettysburg Campaign Part I

Page 8 Chapter XXXIX. N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC.

Numbers 101. -Lieutenant Colonel George C. Joslin, Fifteenth Massachusetts Infantry.

Numbers 102. -Captain Henry C. Coates, First Minnesota Infantry.

Numbers 103. -Captain John Darrow, Eighty-second New York Infantry(Second Militia). Numbers 104. -Brigadier General Alexander S. Webb, U. S. Army, commanding Seconds Brigade.

Numbers 105. -Captain William Davis, Sixty-ninth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 106. -Colonel R. Penn Smith, Seventy-first Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 107. -Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Hesser, seventy-seconds Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 108. -Lieutenant Colonel William L. Curry, One hundred and sixth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 109. -Colonel Norman J. Hall, Seventh Michigan Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 110. -Colonel Arthur F. Devereux, Nineteenth Massachusetts Infantry.

Numbers 111. -Captain Henry L. Abbott, Twentieth Massachusetts Infantry.

Numbers 112. -Major Sylvanus W. Curtis, Seventh Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 113. -Colonel James E. Mallon, Forty-seconds New York Infantry.

Numbers 114. -Captain William McFadden, Fifty-ninth New York Infantry.

Numbers 115. -Brigadier General Alexander Hays, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division.

Numbers 116. -Colonel Samuel S. Carroll, Eighth Ohio Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 117. -Colonel John Coons, Fourteenth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 118. -Captain Nathan Willard, Fourteenth Indiana Infantry, commanding Pioneer Corps.

Numbers 119. -Lieutenant Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter, Fourth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 120. -Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Sawyer, Eighth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 121. -Captain Alfred T. Craig, Eighth Ohio Infantry, commanding Provost Guard.

Numbers 122. -Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan H. Lockwood, Seventh West Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 123. -Colonel Thomas A. Smith, First Delaware Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 124. -Major Theodore G. Ellis, Fourteenth Connecticut Infantry.

Numbers 125. -Lieutenant John T. Dent, First Delaware Infantry.

Numbers 126. -Major John T. Hill, Twelfth New Jersey Infantry.

Numbers 127. -Major George F. Hopper, Tenth New York Infantry.

Numbers 128. -Lieutenant Colonel James M. Bull, One hundred and twenty-sixth New York Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 129. -Colonel Clinton D. Macdougall, One hundred and Eleventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 130. -Captain Aaron P. Seeley, One hundred and Eleventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 131. -Lieutenant Harry L. Haskell, One hundred and twenty-fifth New York Infantry.

Numbers 132. -Captain John G. Hazard, First Rhode Island Light Artillery, commanding Artillery Brigade, Second Army Corps.

Numbers 133. -Major General David B. Birney, U. S. Army, commanding First Division of, and Third Army Corps.

Numbers 134. -Major General William H. French, U. S. Army, commanding Third Army Corps.

Numbers 135. -Brigadier General J. H. Hobart Ward, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade and First Division.

Numbers 136. -Captain Alanson H. Nelson, Fifty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry, First Brigade.

Numbers 137. -Major John A. Danks, Sixty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 138. -Colonel Andrew H. Tippin, Sixty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 139. -Colonel Calvin A. Craig, One hundred and fifth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 140. -Captain Edward R. Bower, One hundred and fourteenth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Page 8 Chapter XXXIX. N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC.