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4 Series I Volume XXVII-I Serial 43 - Gettysburg Campaign Part I

Page 4 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

June 27, 1863. -Skirmish near Fairfax Court-House, Va.

28, 1863. -Major General George G. Meade relieves Major General Joseph Hooker in command of the Army of the Potomac. Skirmish between Offutt`s Cross-Roads and Seneca, Md. Skirmish near Rockville, Md. Skirmish at Fountain Dale, Pa. Skirmish at Wrightsville, Pa.

28-29, 1863. -Skirmish near Oyster Point, Pa. Affair on the Little River Turnpike, Va.

29, 1863. -Skirmish at McConnellsburg, Pa. Affairs at Lisbon and Poplar Springs, Md. Skirmish at Westminister, Md. Skirmish at Muddy Branch, Md.

30, 1863. -Skirmish at Sporting Hill, near Harrisburg, Pa. Skirmish at Fairfield, Pa. Skirmish at Westminister, Md. Action at Hanover, Pa. Evacuation of Maryland Heights, Md.

July 1, 1863. -Skirmish at Carlisle, Pa.

1-3, 1863. -Battle of Gettysburg, Pa.

2, 1863. -Skirmish near Chambersburg, Pa. Skirmish at Hunterstown, Pa.

3, 1863. -Action at Fairfield, Pa.

4, 1863. -Action at Monterey Gap, Pa. Skirmish at Fairfield Gap, Pa. Skirmish near Emmitsburg, Md.

5, 1863. -Skirmish at Smithsburg, Md. Skirmish near Green Oak, Pa. Skirmish near Mercersburg, Pa. Skirmish near Fairfield, Pa. Skirmish near Greencastle, Pa. Skirmish at Cunningham`s Cross-Roads, Pa. Skirmish at Stevens` Furnace(or Caledonia Iron Works), Pa.

6, 1863. -Action at Hagerstown, Md. Action Williamsport, Md.

7, 1863. -Skirmish at Downsville, Md. Skirmish at Harper`s Ferry, W. Va. Reoccupation of Maryland Heights, Md. Skirmish at Funkstown, Md.

8, 1863. -Action at Boonsborough, Md. Skirmish near Williamsport, Md. 9, 1863. -Skirmish at Benevola(or Beaver Creek), Md.

10, 1863. -Skirmish at Old Antietam Forge, near Litersburg, Md. Skirmish near Clear Spring, Md.

10-13, 1863. -Skirmishes at and near Hagerstown, Md. Skirmishes at Jones`Cross-Roads, near Williamsport, Md. Skirmishes at and near Funkstown, Md.

11-14, 1863. -Reconnaissance to, and skirmish(12th)at, Ashby`s Gap, Va.

14, 1863. -Skirmish near Williamsport, Md. Skirmish near Harper`s Ferry, W. Va. Action at Falling Waters, Md.

15, 1863. -Skirmish at Halltown, W. Va. Skirmish at Shepherdstown, W. Va.

16, 1863. -Skirmish at Shanghai, W. Va.

Page 4 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.