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1124 Series I Volume XXI- Serial 31 - Fredericksburg

Page 1124 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD, AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.


No. 91. Washington, July 29, 1862.

The following resolutions, acts, and extract from acts of Congress are published for the information of all concerned:

* * * * * * * * *

I.-Public Resolution-Numbers 43.

A RESOLUTION to provide for the presentation of "medals of honor" to the enlisted men of the army and volunteer forces who have distinguish themselves in battle during the present rebellion.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause two thousand "medals of honor" to be prepared, with suitable emblematic devices, and to direct that the same be presented, in the name of Congress, to such non-commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldierlike qualities, during the present insurrection. And that the sum of the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and the same hereby, appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of carrying this resolution into effect.

Approved July 12, 1862.

* * * * * * *

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Medals of Honor awarded under the foregoing resolution for distinguished services at the battle of Fredericksburg.

Names Rank, company, and Date of Awarded for-

organization. issue.

Cart, Jacob Private Company A, Nov. 18 1864 Capture of

Seventh flag of

Pennsylvania Nineteenth

Reserve Corps. Georgia.

Mc Veane, John Private Company D, September Gallantry in

P Forty-ninth New 19, 1870 action.

York Infantry.

Plunkett, Sergeant Company March -, Do.

Thomas E, Twenty-first 1866




Camp near Fredericksburg, December 17, 1862.

General R. H. CHILTON,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Army Northern Virginia:

DEAR SIR: I have this moment read the official report of General Lee of the battle on last Saturday. In his report he has ignored (I cannot believe intentionally) the part taken by my small division in that signal success to our arms. The whole of [J. R.] Cooke's brigade and two of the regiments of my brigade were in the fight before General Kershaw came on the field with his troops.

I do not desire to detract from any, when all did their duty nobly, but I cannot permit an official paper from the commanding general to go into history, and do the greatest injustice to the brave men I that day commanded.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Division.

Page 1124 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD, AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.