Today in History:

41 Series I Volume XXI- Serial 31 - Fredericksburg


No. 87.-Colonel Joshua T. Owen, Sixty-ninth Pennsylvania Infantry,

commanding Second Brigade.

No. 88.-Colonel Turner G. Morehead, One hundred and sixth Pennsylvania


No. 89.-Colonel Norman J. Hall, Seventh Michigan Infantry,commanding

Third Brigade.

No. 90.-Lieutenant Colonel William Northedge, Fifty-ninth New York Infantry.

No. 91.-Brigadier General William H. French, U. S. Army,commanding Third


No. 92.-Captain John D. Frank, Battery G, First New York Light Artillery.

No. 93.-Brigadier General Nathan Kimball, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 94.-Colonel John s. Mason, Fourth Ohio Infantry,commanding First


No. 95.-Major Elijah H. C. Cavins, Fourteenth Indiana Infantry.

No. 96.-Colonel William B. Robertson, Twenty-fourth New Jersey Infantry.

No. 97.-Lieutenant Colonel E. A. L. Roberts, Twenty-eighth New Jersey Infantry.

No. 98.-Captain Gordon A. Stewart, Fourth Ohio Infantry.

No. 99.-Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Sawyer, Eighth Ohio Infantry.

No. 100.-Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan H. Lockwood, Seventh West Virginia


No. 101.-Colonel Oliver H. Palmer, One hundred and eighth New York Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 102.-Captain Samuel H. Davis, Fourteenth Connecticut Infantry.

No. 103.-Captain William M. Porter, One hundred and thirtieth

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 104.-Colonel John W. Andrews, First Delaware Infantry,commanding

Third Brigade.

No. 105.-Lieutenant Colonel John W. Marshall, Tenth New York Infantry,

commanding Third Brigade.

No. 106.-Major Thomas A. Smyth, First Delaware Infantry.

No. 107.-Lieutenant Colonel William Jameson, Fourth New York Infantry.

No. 108.-Captain George F. Hopper, Tenth New York Infantry.

No. 109.-Lieutenant Colonel Charles Albright, One hundred and thirty-second

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 110.-Brigadier General Orlando B. Willcox, U. S. Army,commanding Ninth

Army Corps.

No. 111.-Brigadier General William W. Burns, U. S. Army,commanding First


No. 112.-Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Gerhardt, Forty-sixth New York Infantry,

Second Brigade.

No. 113.-Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis, U. S. Army,commanding Second


No. 114.-Captain William W. Buckley, Battery D, First Rhode Island Light


No. 115.-Second Lieutenant John Egan, First U. S. Artillery,commanding

Battery E, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 116.-Brigadier General James Nagle, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 117.-Colonel Thomas B. Allard, Second Maryland Infantry.

No. 118.-Colonel Simon G. Griffin, Sixth New Hampshire Infantry.

No. 119.-Lieutenant Colonel John W. Babbitt, Ninth New Hampshire Infantry.

No. 120.-Colonel Joshua K. Sigfried, Forty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 121.-Colonel Zenas R. Bliss, Seventh Rhode Island Infantry.

No. 122.-Colonel George H. Browne, Twelfth Rhode Island Infantry.

No. 123.-Brigadier General Edward Ferrero, U. S. Army,commanding Second Brigade.

No. 124.-Colonel William S. Clark, Twenty-first Massachussetts Infantry.

No. 125.-Captain Stephen H. Andrews, Thirty-fifth Massachusetts Infantry.

No. 126.-Colonel Walter Harriman, Eleventh New Hampshire Infantry.

No. 127.-Colonel Robert B. Potter, Fifty-first New York Infantry.

No. 128.-Brigadier General George W. Getty, U. S. Army,commanding Third


No. 129.-Second Lieutenant James Gilliss, Battery A, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

No. 130.-Colonel Rush C. Hawkins, Ninth New York Infantry,commanding

First Brigade.

No. 131.-Colonel Michael T. Donohoe, Tenth New Hampshire Infantry.

No. 132.-Colonel Aaron F. Stevens, Thirteenth New Hampshire Infantry.

No. 133.-Colonel Andrew Derrom, Twenty-fifth New Jersey Infantry.