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6 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I

Page 6 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.

will find it in your power to arrest and forward these men by the earliest opportunity to the same destination as their comrades, who have been more sensitive of their personal honor and the good name of the Confederate Army. Their conduct has been the more dastardly that they have left the odium of their disgrace to rest upon their comrades, who are now helpless prisoners inthe hands of their enemies.

Hoping that our request may be acceded, to we are, general, very respectfully, your obedient servants,

N. T. N. robinson, acting assistant adjutant-general Southwest Mississippi, and East Louisiana; W. H. Hurd, major and commissary of subsistence, E. A. Scott, major C. S. Army (retired list); L. E. Woods, captain, C. S. Army; Alfred Hazard, captain, C. S. Army (retired list); S. D. Richardson, captain, C. S. Army; C. L. Comfort, first lieutenant and aide-de-camp, Eleventh Louisiana Artillery; H. L. Davis, lieutenant and aide-de-camp; J. W. Birch, lieutenant Company E, Fifth Louisiana Cavalry; Thomas Carty, first lieutenant Company F, Seventh Louisiana; E. Brown, second lieutenant, Lay's cavalry; A. M. Langston, second lieutenant Company E, Twentieth Confederate Cavalry; Jas. P. Skolfiedl, lieutenant Company I, Fifth Louisiana Cavalry; W. J. Hammond, Lieutenant Company L, Twentieth Mississippi Cavalry; H. c. Wood, C. S. Army, General Hodge's staff.

Baton Rouge, La., November 24, 1864.

Brigadier-General HODGE,

Commanding Dist. of Southwest Miss. and East La., Liberty, La.:

GENERAL: The accompanying papers will explain themselves fully. I have only toad that the request contained is fully approved by me. Hoping that your sense of justice will insure a compliance,

I have the honor, to be general your very obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

Numbers 2. Report of Major General Franklin Gardner, C. S. Army, commanding District of Mississippi and East Louisiana.

Jackson, Miss., November 29, 1864.

COLONEL: I have the honor to submit for the consideration of the major-general commanidng the department the following report, with opinions and views, premising that such opinions, or even suggestions, as may be made in this communication are only intended to express plainly the condition of affairs in this district, for the better information of the major-general commanding the department:

After my report from Corinth on the 11th instant to the lieutenant-general commanding, I left for Jackson, via Meridian and arrived at Jackson on the afternoon of the 14th instant. Finding there a dispatch

Page 6 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.