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870 Series I Volume XXXII-III Serial 59 - Forrest's Expedition Part III

Page 870 KY., SW., VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.



Stovall's Brigade.

Brigadier General MARCELLUS A. STOVALL.

40th Georgia, Colonel Abda Johnson.

41st Georgia, Major M. S. Nall.

42nd Georgia, Colonel R. J. Henderson.

43rd Georgia, Major William C. Lester.

52nd Georgia, Captain Rufus R. Asbury.

Gibson's Brigade.*

Brigadier General RANDALL L. GIBSON.

1st Louisiana (Regulars), Major S. S. Batchelor.

13th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel F. L. Campbell.

16th and 25th Louisiana, Colonel J. C. Lewis.

19th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Hyder A. Kennedy.

20th Louisiana, Major S. L. Bishop.

4th Louisiana Battalion, Major Duncan Buie.

14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters, Major J. E. Austin.

Clayton's Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY D. CLAYTON.

18th Alabama, Colonel J. T. Holtzclaw.

32nd and 58th Alabama, Colonel Bushrod Jones.

36th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas H. Hernadon.

38th Alabama, Colonel A. R. Lankford.

Baker's Brigade.+

Brigadier General ALPHEUS BAKER.

37th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander A. Greene.

40th Alabama, Captain Elbert D. Willett.

42nd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Lanier.




Major General W. T. MARTIN.

Morgan's Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN T. MORGAN.

1st Alabama, Major A. H. Johnson.

3rd Alabama, Colonel T. M. Mauldin.

4th Alabama, Colonel A. A. Russell.

-- Alabama, Colonel James C. Malone, jr.

51st Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel M. L. Kirkpatrick.

Iverson's Brigade.

Brigadier General ALFRED IVERSON.

1st Georgia, Colonel S. W. Davitte.

2nd Georgia, Colonel C. C. Crews.

3rd Georgia, Colonel R. Thompson.

4th Georgia, Colonel Isaac W. Avery.

6th Georgia, Colonel John R. Hart.


*Formerly Adams' brigade.

+Formerly Moore's; Baker assigned March 19. Transfer from Cheatham's division reported on return for February 20.

++Roddey's brigade transferred to Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana.


Page 870 KY., SW., VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.