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861 Series I Volume XXXII-III Serial 59 - Forrest's Expedition Part III


Troops in the District of the Gluf, Major General Dabney H. Maury, C. S. Army, commanding, April 30, 1864.

Page's Brigade.

Brigadier General RICHARD L. PAGE.

1st Alabama Infantry (serving as artillery), Major Samuel L. Knox.

1st Alabama Artillery Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Forsyth.

7th Alabama Cavalry (four companies), Major Turner Clanton, jr.

21st Alabama, Colonel C. D. Anderson.

30th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Shields.

1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Sterling.

Quarles' Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM A. QUARLES.

4th Louisiana, Colonel S. E. Hunter.

42nd Tennessee, Colonel Isaac N. Hulme.

46th and 55th Tennessee, Colonel Robert A. Owens.

48th Tennessee, Colonel William M. Voorhies.

49th Tennessee, Colonel William F. Young.

53rd Tennessee, Colonel John R. White.

Reynolds' Brigade.

Brigadier General DANIEL H. REYNOLDS.*

7th Alabama Cavalry (detachment), Colonel Joseph Hodgson.

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Lieutenant Colonel George W. Wells.

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Colonel James A. Williamson.

4th Arkansas, Colonel H. B. Bunn.

25th Arkansas, Major L. L. Noles.

15th Confederate Cavalry, Colonel Henry Maury.

39th North Carolina, Colonel David Coleman.

Alabama Battery, Captain Edward Tarrant.

Tennessee Battery, Captain Thomas F. Tobin.

Artillery Brigade.+


Alabama State Artillery, Company C, Captain John B. Todd.

Alabama State Artillery, Company D, Captain William H. Homer.

1st Louisiana Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Beltzhoover.

22nd Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel J. O. Landry.

1st Mississippi Light Artillery, Captain Edward L. Bower.

Alabama Battery, Captain John J. Ward.


Engineer troops, Captain L. Hutchinson.

Bay Batteries, Colonel W. E. Burnet.

1st Mobile Regiment, Colonel a. W. Lampkin.

Fire Battalion, Major W. S. Moreland.

Pelham Cadets, Captain Price Williams, jr.


*Assigned April 1 by General Polk.

+Trueheart's battalion not accounted for. On April 17 it was reported as consisting of Culpeper's South Carolina, Lowe's Missouri, Ward's Alabama, and Yates' Mississippi batteries.