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860 Series I Volume XXXII-III Serial 59 - Forrest's Expedition Part III

Page 860 KY., SW., VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.


En route Tuscaloosa, April 30, 1864.

Captain T. B. SYKES,

Assistant Adjutant-General and Inspector General:

CAPTAIN: The undersigned officer, detailed with a position of the First and Second Mississippi Cavalry and assigned to Fayetteville Fayette County, Ala., begs leave to submit the following report:

Pursuant to orders, one company of detachment was left at Wyndham Springs four days; the others sent by companies to all parts of the county. None of the parties found or heard of any armed bands of tories or deserters. There are, from a summary, between 250 and 300 deserters in county, the majority of them lying in the woods in small squads near their homes.

There were 7 captured by the detachment and turned over to the commandant of post at this place, the time not being sufficient to pursue them to their hiding-places; also 6 horses and 2 mules found belonging to deserters in the woods.

The citizens of that county, in the opinion of the undersigned, are generally loyal, but are not aiding the Confederacy, on account of inability.

The soil is poor and the people generally have nothing more than will subsist their families. A force of cavalry of any size cannot be subsisted there for any length of time without impoverishing the county. Corn is being hauled now from the prairies to make their corps and maintain the families of soldiers.

Respectfully submitted.


Major, Commanding Detachment.

Abstract from return of the Army in the District of the Gluf, Major General Dabney H. Maury, C. S. Army, commanding, for the month of April, 1864; headquarters Mobile, Ala.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers Men. Effecti-

ve total


General headquarters. 12 ... ...

Page's brigade:

Artillery. 104 1,562 1,758

Cavalry. 11 231 244

Quarles' brigade (infantry). 132 857 934

Reynolds' brigade:

Infantry. 116 694 812

Cavalry. 38 551 660

Artillery. 5 145 146

Artillery brigade. 110 1,210 1,284

Detached commands.

Bay batteries. 16 269 293

Cavalry. 7 180 188

Local defense companies. 45 461 493

Engineer troops. 3 74 74

Grand total. 599 6,234 6,886

Command. Aggrega- Aggrega- Piecces

te te of field

present. present artille-

and ry.


General headquarters. 12 13 ...

Page's brigade:

Artillery. 1,988 2,572 ...

Cavalry. 265 336 ...

Quarles' brigade (infantry). 1,141 1,819 ...

Raynolds' brigade:

Infantry. 1,024 1,948 ...

Cavalry. 758 1,336 ...

Artillery. 160 239 8

Artillery brigade. 1,510 2,442 ...

Detached commands.

Bay batteries. 323 471 ...

Cavalry. 223 345 ...

Local defense companies. 665 829 ...

Engineer troops. 82 101 ...

Grand total. 8,151 12,451 8

Page 860 KY., SW., VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.