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825 Series I Volume XXXII-III Serial 59 - Forrest's Expedition Part III


field. I find also that the best results are following upon the vigorous campaigns I am prosecuting in different parts of it. I have moved out already from their hiding places about 1,000 men, and the ranks of all commands raised in this department are being swelled by companies, both infantry and calvary. I have a work to do in North Alabama, and I want you to make a detachment to do it. General Roddey has been ordered to picket the whole front form the Mississippi State line across the State, and along the Tennessee River, to prevent these tories and deserters from escaping to the enemy. I while General Fergusons' brigade has been ordered to move upon these men in the counties lying north of his position, I desire you to send General Cockrell's brigade forward upon that work also. Let him deploy his force right and left on a line running through Tuscallosa, and take the country form the Mississippi line across toward the railroad, and sweep it all before him up tho where he will meet Roddey's pickets, and order him to make thorough work of shall find any in arms offering resistance let him punish them with death upon the spot. Order him to concentrate all he captures at Tuscaloosa, and hold them subject to my order.

Put yourself in communication with General Lee on the subject of this movement, so as to be informed of the instructions from General Ferguson; also send for Lieutenant-Colonel Baker, commanding post at Tuscaloosa, and get from him such intelligence as he may give to guide your movement. He is acquainted with the country and is a highly intelligent officer. He will indicate where officers in the service of the Government in North Alabama are to be found who may aid your troops in their work. Let the movement be made now at Selma, to report to you as soon as practicable. You will find it a fine brigade of about 2,500 strong.

I am, general, respectfully, your obedient servant,



P. S.- When General Cockrell shall have gone through this campaign he will report where you shall be found with your headquarters.

DEMOPOLIS, April 26, 1864.

Major-General LEE,

Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: You will have received before this reaches you the order of the War Department, "restoring you to the command of all the cavalry" of this department, form which it would appear that the wish you were understood by me to have expressed to be relieved of so much as was placed under command of General Forrest has not met with the approbation of the War Department.

I have ordered General Pillow to report to you for duty in the calvary service. He has had assigned to him certain regiments, go constitute a brigade, and will report in a few days. I concur with you in thinking that he merits a division, and shall be pleased to see him placed in command of one. Should there not be troops enough