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165 Series I Volume XVII-II Serial 25 - Corinth Part II


ports as about 12,000 strong. The movement has been by brigades. The last brigade, under General Jackson, moved about one week ago, infantry and artillery going by cars their horses by land toward Chattanooga. One division is to return and increase Price's force to 30,000; and that this division is the first one that moved, some four or five weeks ago, and is under command of General Polk. After which the troops on this line are to be attacked."

I give this for what it is worth. The deserter is an intelligent one.

I send the above for the information of the general commanding.




Numbers 70.
Memphis, August 12, 1862.

The commanding general at Memphis has seen in the newspapers the copy of an order dated War Department, Washington, July 31, 1862, on the subject of absences without proper authority on the part of the officers and soldiers from their proper posts and regiments, which substantially conforms to the orders heretofore issued to this division on the subject of reporting as deserters all who are absent from their posts and regiments, and convinced that said order is genuine, the following parts thereof are hereby published, and will be complied with by all divisions, brigades, regiments, and detachments stationed at or near Memphis:


Washington, July 31, 1862.

The absence of officers and privates from their duty under various pretexts while receiving pay at great expense and burden to the Government makes it necessary that efficient measures should be taken to enforce their return to duty, or that their places be supplied by those who will not take pay while rendering no service. This evil, moreover, tends greatly to discourage the patriotic impulse of those who would contributed to support the families of future soldiers.

It is therefore ordered by the President that on Monday, the 11th day of August, all leaves of absence and furloughs, by whomsoever given, unless by the War Department, are revoked, absolutely annulled, and all officers capable of service are required to join their regiments, under penalty of dismissal from the service or such penalty as a court-martial may award, unless the absence be occasioned by a lawful cause.

II. The only excuses allowed for the absence of officers or privates from duty after the 11th day of August are, first the order of leave from the War Department; second, disability from wounds received in service; third, disability from disease that renders the party unfit for military duty; but any officer or private whose health permits him to visit watering places or places of amusement, or make social visits, or walk about the town, or city, or country in which he may be will be considered fit for military duty and as evading his duty by absence from his command or the ranks.

III. On Monday, the 18th day of August, at 10 o'clock a.m., each regiment and corps shall be mustered, the absentees will be marked, three lists of the same made out, and within forty-eight hours after the mustering one copy shall be sent to the Adjutant-General of the Army and one to the commander of the corps-the third is to be retained; and all officers and privates fit for duty absent at that time shall be regarded as absent without cause, their pay will be stopped, and they will be dismissed from the service, or treated as deserters unless restored, and no officer shall be restored to his rank unless, by the judgment of a court of inquiry to be approved by the President, he shall establish that his absence was not without a cause.

* * * * *

II. Commanders of divisions or brigades will designate some one or more officers of their staff as mustering and inspecting officers, and by themselves or such inspectors will, on the 18th day of August, instant, carefully muster each company of their respective commands. The chiefs of artillery and cavalry and the commander of each detachment unassigned to the regular brigade will in like manner muster or cause to be mustered their command, and make and transmit the rolls as required by said order.