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41 Series I Volume XVII-II Serial 25 - Corinth Part II


WAR DEPARTMENT, June 27, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK, Corinth:

The exigencies of the service, in the President's opinion, absolutely require that General Pope should be assigned a command here. It is hoped that among the number of able generals in your command that you can spare him without inconvenience. General Pope desires to have General Schuyler Hamilton and General Granger. The President hopes you will relieve them and send them here, if you can do so without injury to the service.


MEMPHIS, TENN., June 27, 1862.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, Corinth, Miss.:

I have sent one regiment of infantry and five companies of cavalry to beyond Germantown, in hopes of opening the railroad and telegraph. With the aid of one division from Corinth I think it practicable to occupy Holly Springs, Hernando, and an intermediate point between these places. To intercept and catch M. Jeff. Thompson's and Jackson's cotton-burners I would also like to have the Eleventh Illinois Cavalry sent here.


Memphis, June 27, 1862.

Major General H. W. HALLECK,

Commanding Department of the Mississippi:

GENERAL: Between Jackson's and M. Jeff. Thompson's force, with the weak force here, I fear that it will be impossible for me to keep the railroad open from here to Grand Junction and at the same time keep this city in subjection. There is great disloyalty manifested by the citizens of this place and undoubtedly spies and numbers of the Southern Army are constantly finding their way in and out of the city in spite of all vigilance.

There is every probability that an attempt will be made to burn the city, and no doubt from the extent to be guarded it will prove partially successful. This, however, is a matter which will operate more against the rebels than ourselves.

The regiment sent from here to repair the railroad has just returned. I ordered it to remain as a guard to the road until further orders were received, but as this order was carried by the colonel of this regiment, and he having been take prisoner before reaching his command, it returned here in obedience to previous orders. I have sent our to Germantown, or to the point where the railroad in broken, to-day a regiment of infantry and five companies of cavalry. They go with three days' rations; but as some cars and locomotives have just arrived I will keep those troops there if practicable until troops from Bolivar can relieve them. I will make the effort to keep the road and telegraph open.

As I am without instructions I am a little in doubt as to my authority to license and limit trade, punish offenses committed by citizens, and in restricting civil authority. I now have two citizens (prisoners) for murder, whom I shall have tried by a military commission and submit the findings and sentence to you. All communication is prevented