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83 Series I Volume XVII-I Serial 24 - Corinth Part I

Page 83 Chapter XXIX. IUKA.

order "Double-quick" was given the infantry ran forward, swinging their hats and cheering lustily; but darkness brought a cessation of the firing just in time to prevent our taking a part in the action.

Soon after dawn it was reported that the enemy had left the field of battle and taken a position nearer the town. My command took the advance, and after passing the field three regiments formed in line of battle (the Twenty-seventh, Thirty-ninth, and Forty-third, of my brigade, and the Forty-seventh Illinois, Colonel Mower's brigade) and moved forward upon the town. During the deployment Captain Powell's battery was brought forward and threw a few shots at a body of the enemy which appeared near the Fulton road. As we neared the town a flag of truce came out, borne by a citizen, saving the citizens desired to surrender the town, and that the soldiers (enemy) were all in the ditches dug by the federal army. We then moved forward into the town and found that the enemy had evacuated the place, leaving by the Fulton road. My command went forward in pursuit till we reached Crippled Deer Creek. The statements of several prisoners, confirmed by a reconnaissance made by Captain Swoyer with two companies of the Seventh Kansas Cavalry, proved that the enemy was several miles in advance and rapidly retreating; and in the exhausted condition of our men and the total absence of subsistence it was deemed impracticable to continue the pursuit farther. Resting near Crippled Deer Creek for the night, we commenced our return toward Jacinto about 8 o'clock on the morning of the 21st.

Herewith I send copies of reports of commanding officers which show that 6 casualties occurred in the Thirty-ninth Ohio and 2 in the Sixty-third Ohio.

I am, major, your obedient servant,


Colonel Twenty-seventh Ohio, Commanding.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Numbers 9.

Report of Major Zephaniah S. Spaulding, Twenty-seventh Ohio Infantry.

In the Field, September 23, 1862.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to report that this regiment was not called into action during the recent engagement Iuka, and therefore met with no casualties in killed, wounded, or missing.

In accordance with orders I marched the command at double-quick time up to a point within half a mile of the scene of action and remained under arms during the entire evening and night. On the morning of the 20th instant we marched into the town, meeting with no resistance from the enemy.

I am, with respect, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding.

Captain C. W. DUSTAN,

A. A. G., &c., First Brigadier, Second Div., Army of the Miss.

Page 83 Chapter XXIX. IUKA.