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35 Series I Volume XVII-I Serial 24 - Corinth Part I


taking all their horses, arms, and ammunition. They abandoned everything. No report of killed and wounded.

Large numbers of rebels are flocking into this county from Missouri and Kentucky, well armed, and forming bands under leaders from Jackson's and Morgan's cavalry. The draft drives them over.



Major General U. S. GRANT, Corinth.

AUGUST 19-21, 1862.-Expedition from Rienzi to Marietta and Bay Springs, Miss., and skirmishes.

Report of Colonel Albert L. Lee, Seventh Kansas Cavalry.

HEADQUARTERS SEVENTH KANSAS CAVALRY, Camp near Rienzi, Miss., August 21, 1862.

LIEUTENANT: I would respectfully report that I left camp on Tuesday, the 19th ultimo [instant], at 5 o'clock p.m. with 300 men. Passing one mile east of Booneville I approached Marietta at daybreak. A half mile from Marietta my advance drove in the enemy's pickets, they firing on us and retreating rapidly. My advance discharged their rifles and wounded one of the flying pickets, who fell from his horse, but hid in a corn field adjacent before we could secure him, and no search was made. His horse and arms were taken. We pressed the pickets closely through Marietta and down the road running west from that town. They were joined by others and made a stand, firing again on our advance. As we formed and charged on them they fired and fled. This running fire was continued for 3 miles. When we arrived at the enemy's camp, which they had just evacuated, fires were burning, preparations for breakfast were in progress, haversacks, canteens, and blankets the pursuit; about 12 to 20 of the enemy turning at every half mile, deploying in the woods in front, and firing on us as we came up. At one of these stands we shot another of his force, who was picked up and carried off after falling from his horse. Having conducted this fruitless chase to a point 5 miles from Marietta I abandoned it. On my return I destroyed the abandoned equipage of the enemy's camp. This camp consisted in force of two companies of the Mississippi cavalry, Colonel Adams commanding. The companies were commanded by Captain Barnett and Lieutenant Bookter, together numbering about 130 men. I judge them to be the main guard of the enemy's pickets. From information which I consider reliable I learn that two brigades are camped 3 miles northeast of Guntown, on the road leading into that which connects Baldwyn and Marietta. Armstrong's headquarters are there. He is said to be their chief of cavalry. I was at a point 3 miles from the reported location of this camp.

Returning to Marietta, I passed on toward Bay Springs, halting 5 miles from that place, feeding men and horses and remaining in camp till 4 p.m. I then moved rapidly on Bay Springs. As I entered the town my advance was fired on by pickets, who rapidly retreated down the road leading south. Leaving two companies in town I pursued with the remainder of my force. Their camp, 3 miles from Bay Springs, on Rogers' Creek, I found recently abandoned.