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20 Series I Volume XVII-I Serial 24 - Corinth Part I


conflict took place, the men in some cases using the butts of their guns. At this time Lieutenant-Colonel Hatch, Second Iowa, came up with his supports, and this position was maintained for a considerable length of time. The enemy again commenced his flanking movements, passing around our left, crossing the railroad, and approaching the left of our camp. I then determined to turn their left flank, and made a bold dash at their rear. This was handsomely executed by Captain Alger, Second Michigan, with four saber companies, two from Second Michigan, and two from Second Iowa. The captain passed around their left flank, by a circuitous route, until he came directly on their rear, on the Blackland road. He then charged the enemy with sabers and drove them until their overwhelming numbers obliged him to retire.

At the same time that I gave the order to Captain Alger to attack their rear I directed Lieutenant-Colonel Hatch, Second Iowa, to move a portion of his regiment to their left flank, and if a good opportunity occurred to make a charge. This movement was finely executed and a dash made successfully at their left flank. The charge of Captain Alger directly in their rear and the dash made at them on their left by Major Coon, of the Second Iowa, together with the determined and stubborn resistance of Captain Campbell with his 160 riflemen in front, so much disconcerted the enemy that they commenced falling back, leaving a large number of their dead and wounded officers and men on the field and were followed up a distance of 4 miles. At this point the enemy crossed a difficult swamp, and night coming on, the pursuit was abandoned and the troops ordered to return to camp.

Our loss in this affair was: Killed, 1; wounded, 24; missing, 16. Total casualties, 41. The loss of the enemy must have been severe, as we were occupying good positions all the time and well covered, while they used the open ground for their deployment. They have taken a number of wagons from the people to carry off their dead and wounded. Among the wounded that fell into our hands are two lieutenants, who will die.

I respectfully bring to the notice of the general the good conduct of the officers and men of my command. Colonel Hatch, Major Coon, Captains Gilbert and Queal, Second Iowa; Captain Campbell, Captain Alger, Captain Wells, Captain Schuyler, and Lieutenants Scranton, Hutton, and Nicholson, of the Second Michigan, all behaved with great gallantry. Major Hepburn, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General Lee, and Lieutenant Thatcher, who acted as aides during the day, are deserving of great praise.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Second Brigade, Cavalry Division.

Captain R. O. SELFRIDGE,

A. A. G., Cav. Div., Army of the Miss.

JULY 1, 1862.-Skirmish near Holly Springs, Miss.

Report of Brigadier General James W. Denver, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade, Fifth Division, Army of the Tennessee.

Moscow, Tenn., July 15, 1862.

GENERAL: Having on the 1st instant crossed Coldwater Creek on the road from this place to Holly Springs, Miss., in obedience to orders