Today in History:

2 Series I Volume XVII-I Serial 24 - Corinth Part I


July 3, 1862.-Major General Sterling Price, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Army of the West.

5, 1862.-Major General William J. Hardee, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Army of the Mississippi.

Skirmish on the Hatchie River, Miss.

10-11, 1862.-Expedition to Guntown, Miss.

11, 1862.-Major General Henry W. Halleck, U. S. Army, assigned to command as General-in-Chief of all the land forces of the United States.

13, 1862.-Skirmish near Wolf River, Tenn.

16, 1862.-The District of West Tennessee, Major-General Grant commanding, extend to embrace the Army of the Mississippi, etc.

Major-General Halleck relinquishes immediate command

of the troops in the Department of the Mississippi.

17, 1862.-Major-General Grant assumes command of all troops in the Armies of the Tennessee and of theMississippi and in the Districts of Cairo and of the Mississippi.

19, 1862.-Guerrilla raid on Brownsville, Tenn.

20, 1862.-Affair at Hatchie Bottom, Miss.

21, 1862.-Confederate Army of the Mississippi ordered to Chattanooga, Tenn.

Major-General Price, C. S. Army, assumes command of the District of the Tennessee.

24, 1862.-Skirmish at White Oak Bayou, Miss.*

25-August 1, 1862.-Expedition from Holly Springs, Miss., to Bolivar and Jackson, Tenn.

27-29, 1862.-Expedition from Rienzi to Ripley, Miss.

28, 1862.-Skirmish near Humboldt, Tenn.

29, 1862.-Affair at Hatchie Bottom, near Danmark, Tenn.

August 2, 1862.-Skirmish near Totten's Plantation, Coahoma County, Miss.+

Skirmish at Austin, Tunica County, Miss.

3, 1862.-Skirmish on Nonconah Creek, Tenn.

4-7, 1862.-Reconnaissance from Jacinto to Bay Springs, Miss., and skirmish.

7, 1862.-Skirmish at Wood Springs, near Dyersburg, Tenn.

10-11, 1862.-Reconnaissance from Brownsville, Tenn., toward the mouth of Hatchie River.

11, 1862.-Skirmish at Brown's Plantation, Miss.

Skirmish at Saulsburry, Tenn.

13, 1862.-Skirmish near Medon, Tenn.

16, 1862.-Skirmish at Meriwether's Ferry, Obion River, Tenn.

Skirmish at Horn Lake Creek, Miss.

18, 1862.-Capture of steamboats on Tennessee River.

Skirmish near Dyersburg, Tenn.

Surrender of Clarksville, Tenn.++

19-21, 1862.-Expedition from Rienzi to Marietta and Bay Springs, Miss., and skirmishes.

23, 1862-Skirmish near Fort Donelson, Tenn.

Affair near Trinity, Ala.

Skirmish at Greenville, Miss.&

25, 1862.-Skirmish at Bolivar, Miss.&

Skirmish at Fort Donelson, Tenn.


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