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1375 Series I Volume XLVII-II Serial 99 - Columbia Part II


Raleigh, March 11, 1865-12 m.

Lieutenant-General HARDEE,


GENERAL: General Bragg reports a heavy force from Wilmington joining the troops he lately engaged. It may be Sherman's design to unite with that force and for that object to move toward Goldsborough instead of Raleigh. It is very important, therefore, that your movements conform to Sherman's when he leaves Fayetteville. If he goes to Raleigh he may cross the river twenty or thirty miles above Fayetteville. To discover any such movement we should have scouts on the west side of the river, parties small enough to escape by the ferries. If this has not been proviced for desire Lieutenant-General Hampton to take the necessary steps. It is important that you keep as near the river as you can without compromising yourself until Sherman's course is developed. We are making preparations to send you from this point a few days' rations. We can supply you as long as it will be necessary, so it will not at presetn be necessary for you to come to the railroad for subsistence. Sherman will either move toward Raleigh or Goldsborough to unite with Cox. If he takes the first course, General Bragg's troops will be brought to yours; if the second, yours to his. We must endeavor to be prepared for either.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,



CHARLOTTE, N. C., March 11, 1865-12 m.

General W. J. HARDEE,

Fayetteville, N. C.:

It is difficult to communicate with Robertson. I hope he will not follow the route you indicate. He should keep closer to enemy's rear. Butler and Wheeler must be between you and enemy. Call on Hampton to keep you advised of latter's movements.


Report of a scouting party of seven men.

MARCH 11, 1865.

We left our command at Branchville, S. C., and proceed in the direction of Orangeburg Court-House. Here the enemy were stationed, but soon moved off in the way of Columbia, their right column of the Seventeenth Corps moving on the old State road; the Fifteenth, on the Orangeburg road to Columbia; the Fourteenth, on the Bull Swamp road, and the Twentieth, on the road from Barnwell Court-House to Columbia, and Kilpatrick's cavalry to the left of that. We followed the right of the army near to Columbia, then shifted to the left, crossed the Saluda River, got in the forks of Saluda and Broad Rivers, and crossed the Broad at Lyle's Ford and followed the rear left flank of their army to Black Stock Station, o the Charlotte and Columbia Railroad; from there to Rocky Mount Ferry, on the Catawba River; from there to Lancaster Court-House and to Chesterfield Court-House, and on to Haile's Ferry on the Pedee River, where they crossed, and then to Rockingham, and on to Fayetteville, where we joined our division.