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1318 Series I Volume XLVII-II Serial 99 - Columbia Part II

Page 1318 Chapter LIX. OPERATIONS IN N. C., S., C., S. GA., AND E. FLA.

Doctor Lowry's House, March 3, 1865-9,30 p. m.

Major General J. WHEELER:

GENERAL: General Hampton directs me to say that he is informed that the wagons are still on the other side of Lane's Creek. He thinks that it will be impossible for the wagons to keep up with us, as we will have to make a rapid march to get in front of the enemyu, and he thinks that they had better be left under small guard at some safe point, or sent back to the railroad where they can forage, and join us at some future time. General H. says that if you think you can bring the wagons along you can do so, but he does not think it well be possible to do so. Please give the necessary orders to place thme in safety, and inform General Hampton what is your decision. You will need a few ordnance wagons.



Assistant Adjutant-General.

CHARLOTTE, N. C., March 3, 1865.

Colonel G. G. DIBRELL, Fort Mills, S. C.:

General Wheeler is east of Lancaster Court-House. You will, if not otherwile ordered, move to that point and report to General Wheeleer without delay. A party of fifty mounted men is report to be depredating on the country along the line of railroad between this place and Fort Mills. You will have these men arrested, disarmed, and sent here under quard. They are reported to belong to cavalry. See to this and move as ordered.

By command of General Beauregard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

CHARLOTTE, March 3, 1865.

General BRAXTON BRAGG, Goldsborough:

Is it not probable that Sherman and Schofield will attempt to unite? Could you not in such event interpose between the later and Hardee, delaying his march? Please inform me at Raleigh where your troops are.




Raleigh, March 3, 1865.

General B. BRAGG, Goldsborough, N. C.:

GENERAL: I hope you will induce all slave owners in Duplin, New Hanover and Onslow remove immediately all able-bodied slaves in this direction, and will afford them all necessary aid in so doing. If necessary I will sustain you in removing by force all such slaves as will likely afford recruist to the enemy. If the owners cannot support them the Government can usefully employ them.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Page 1318 Chapter LIX. OPERATIONS IN N. C., S., C., S. GA., AND E. FLA.