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1272 Series I Volume XLVII-II Serial 99 - Columbia Part II

Page 1272 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

CHARLOTTE, N. C., February 25, 1865-4. 30 a. m.

General R. E. LEE,

Army of Northern Virginia:

General Hardee has already been ordered to destroy or remove all supplies. Is it your desire he should remain under present circumstances in valley of Pedee to operate therein? He might be cut off, unless he retired on Fayetteville, thence on Goldsborough or Raleigh, which may be the intended line of march of enemy.


February 25, 1865.


Charlotte, N. C.:

Have no desire to retard Hardee's movements; give orders according to your judgment. If enemy turns toward Pedee, presume your movements will correspond. If you can deprive enemy of subsistence think he cannot advance. Should he advance toward Fayetteville you might unite with Bragg and defeat him.

R. E. LEE.

CHARLOTTE, N. C., February 25, 1865-7 p. m.

General R. E. LEE,

Petersburg, Va.:

General Hampton reports this evening from Rock Hill Station small force of enemy's cavalry entered Lancaster and retired last night. Infantry crossed at Rocky Mount and Peay's Ferry. No report from General Hardee.


Augusta, Ga., February 25, 1865.


Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: In the absence of any intelligence from you I have been embarrassed on several matters of importance. Your orders of the 18th [19th] instant to General Cheatham and Stewart to proceed via Columbia to Statesburg or Manchester, and there take rail to Greensborough, was not received here until the 23rd through General Cheatham, who reported he would move that morning in execution of the orders. Copies were immediately forwarded to General Stwart for his action and guidance. To cover this mvoement copies were also furnished Major-General Young, with instructiosn after covering the roads with sufficient force to Augusta from Columbia, Charleston, and Savannah, to send the balance of his command to open up communication with Stewart and Cheatham and protect their line of march. All the organized commands having passed here prior to any notice of this change in the movement, General Hill, at his request and in pursuance of what I understood to by your wishes, was relieved and ordered to report to you. He thought he coudl be more useful to you in the field than here. Concurring in this view, and for the reasons stated, I relieved him. Had the information been known to me of the new change of movement I should

Page 1272 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.