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1117 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


GRAHAMYILLE, [January 6,] 18655.20 p. m. (Received 9.50 p. in.) Scouts just in report the enemy have retired to New River bridge, where they are now. Enemy consisting solely of infantry. Strength not great. J. WHEELER, Major- General. Major-General MCLAws, Pocotaligo. GRAHANVILLE, [January 6, 1865.] We have blockaded the Savannah and Robertsville road to within twelve miles of Robertsville, also blockaded the road from Purysburg to Grahamville, and the road which runs by the railroad. We are now blockading the road which runs from New River bridge to Graham- ville. This is the only effective way to check the enemys march. J. WHEELER, Major- General. General McLAws, Pocotaligo. GRAHAMYILLE, January 7, 18652.30 p. m. (Received 3 p. in.) Enemy advancing in small force from Boyds Neck toward Bowling Church. Enemys infantry also advancing from New River bridge. Will check them to the best of our ability. J. WHEELER, Major- General. Major-General MOLAWS, Pocotaligo. NEAR STEEP BOTTOM CHURCH, January 19, 186510.15 a. m. GENERAL: There is no news from the enemy this morning. Enemys advanced brigade occupied McPhersonville yesterday. All my pickets on roads running sonth were driven in on 17th by scouting parties from the enemy. Reports from Georgia say all is quiet there. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. WHEELER, Major- General. Major-General MCLAws, Commanding, & c. N. B.J regret that several dispatches sent you heretofore have been returned to these headquarters, thus causing a great delay in their reaching you. J. WHEELER, Major- General.