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1113 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


ON ROAD, illiarch 19, 186512.45 p. m. (Received 1.45 p. in.) GENERAL: With one regiment I am trying to get to Wheeler, or on the flank of the enemy. Butler is on the road behind you, and a part of iDibreiPs command. Stewart wrote just now that the enemy attacked him. Taliaferro is just going in. I think whatever we do should be done quickly. An advance of the line would break them, I think. Yours, very respectfully, WADE HAMPTON, Lieutenant- General. General JOHNSTON. HANNAHS CREEK, March 22, 18657.25 a. m. GENERAL: The new bridge over Mill Creek was not destroyed by the infantry, and it would not burn. General Wheeler threw oft the floor- ing and did all he could .to destroy it, but lie says it can easily be repaired, and I suppose infantry can cross. The infantry did not cross till sunrise, and the enemy pressed Wheeler up to the bridge. I am preparing the bridge for burning. Very respectfully, WADE HAMPTON, Lieutenant- General. General J. E. JOHNSTON. SOUTH MOCCASIN, March 23, 186512.45 p. m. GENERAL: i[ forward a dispatch from Ashby, one of my best scouts. He is very accurate in his information. I shall press and follow the enemy up. I am, very respectfully, yours, WADE HAMPTON, Lieutenant- General. General J. E. JOHNSTON, Commanding. [Inclosure] MARCH 23, 186512 m. Col. G. J. WRIGHT, Gommanding Youngs Brigade: COLONEL: I have just taken three more prisoners of the Fourteenth Corps, which they say is certainly moving toward Goldsborough. I presume the force on your front to be simply a strong picket protecting their flank. I am satisfied my report this morning was correct. Your advance is now very near the flank of the enemys marching column. I have not seen General Logans scouts since 8 a. in., but hear they are on my left, looking east. I will go down and report when I learn some- thing which may be of importance. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, W. L. ASHBY.