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1110 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 1110 Chapter LIX]OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA.

line where troops (I took to be Waitballs) were. The fire of the enemy was not very severe. The smoke was so thick that it was impossible to see ten yards ahead, hence I could form no idea of the force of the enemy in my front. The enemy attempted a flank movement once only, but I regarded it as a weak one. I then had the Second South Caro lina Regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Wallace commanding, wheeled about so as to form almost a right angle with the front line and on an extension of a line 1vlajor-General Walthall had established. Lieu- tenant-Colonel Wallace executed the movement with his accustomed skill and gallantry. The accompanying diagram will explain what I was of our lines. Darkness ensued without any change of the programme. I ordered a charge once at the center of the brigade, so as to move the whole forward, but the dense smoke, approach of night, and uncertainties of my left flank (no one being on it) made me desist from the movement. After dark, when the action had ceased, by order of Major-General MeLaws, I drew the brigade back to the point whence it had started. The regimental commanders, their subalterns, and the men conducted themselves well, and all deserve my warmest approbation. I beg leave to particularly mention the gallantry and efficiemicy of Capt. C. IR. Holmes, assistant adjutant-general; Lieutenant Harllce, acting assist- ant inspector-general; Lieutenant Sill, acting on staff, and of C. Keni- son, acting aide-de-camp. Also the good conduct and coolness in bear- ing dispatches of Sergeant Blake and Corporal Pinckney, of the Sec- ond South Carolina Regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel Roy, when we advanced, was for a time on the left of the brigade gallantly inspirit- ing the men. I am indebted to Capt. M. P. King, assistant inspector- general, of Major-General MeLaws staff for bringing out the brigade. assistance rendered me in The brigade had 44 men killed and wounded and 5 missing. I have the honor to be, captain, your obedient servant, JNO. D. KENNEDY, Brigadier- General, Commanding. Capt. R. W. B. ELLIOTT, Assistant Adjutant- General. Front line.

Page 1110 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA.