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1093 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


ish, C. S. Ar my, slightly wounded, and Lieutenant Currie, of the engi- neers, all (lid their duty faithfnlly and well. The corps quartermaster, commissary, and ordnance officers also did their duty. With great respect, your obedient servant, D. H. HILL, Major- General. Capt. W. D. GALE, Assistant Adjutant. General. ADDEND A. Return of ca8lea~ties in Hills dicision, Lees army corps, in action of March 1921, 1865. Killed. Wounded. Missing. a Command. a a a a a n ~ a 8 a a a 0 ~ H 0 ~ H 0 ~ H ~1 March 19: IDeasbrigade 1 2 3 5 25 30 1 1 34 Maniganltsbrigade 1 3 4 4 49 53 11 11 68 Total 2 5 7 9 74 83. 12 12 102 I. March 20: Deas brigade 2 2 Manigaults brigade Total 2 2 2 March21: Peas brigade Manigaults brigade I 1 1 1 Total 1 1 1 Grandtotal 2 5 7 9 76 85 13 13 105 2 No. 292. Reports of Maj. Gen. G& rter L. Stevenson, C. S. Army, of operations March 1921. HEADQUARTERS STEVENSONS DIVISION, March 30, 1865. MAJOR: I have the honor to submit the following brief report of the operations of my division at and near Bentonville N C on the 19th, 20th, and 21st instant: On the morning of the 18th instant the division, with the exception of Cummings brigade, marched from near Smithfield and bivouacked that night a short distance beyond Bentonville. On the morning of the 19th it moved about two miles aIld a half from this point, and was formed in two lines, I~almer in front, Pettus in rear, in the center of Lees corps. The brigade at once proceeded to construct temporary breast-works. We had only been in position a short time when it became apparent that the enemy were feeling our line, endeavoring to develop our position, especially the right flank. in a short time he advanced a simigle line of battle, which, from its direc- tion, marching at an acute angle with the works instead of advancing