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1082 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 1082 Chapter LIX]OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. PLA.

Sunday, February 19.Leaving Frog Level about 8 a. in.. we marched to Newberry Court-House, eight miles distant, reaching it at 11. Here we also found a quantity of stores, which were shipped off up the road. Monday, February 20.Still at Newberry, but orders issued to move to-morrow, General Beauregard directing a concentration at Charlotte, N. C., if not at some point farther south. Quarters at Mr. Fairs. Tuesday, February 21.Started at daylight and marched twenty-one miles to the Ennoree River. Received lispatch from General B[eaure- gard] that evening to the effect that that route was not practicable, and to cross Broad River and cut across Shermans track, behind him, for Wilmington, N. C. Wednesday, February 22.Marched back again to Newberry and quartered at Mr. Fairs. Thursday, February 23.Troops took cars at Newberry and came to Poinaria, seventeen miles below; portion of staff came horseback. Break on railroad and General C[heatham] not able to get down until the morning of Friday, February 24, which day and the following, being Saturday, February 25, we remained stationary. Sunday, February 2G.Left Pomaria and traveled ten miles over roads made exceedingly bad by two days hard rains. Our quarters that night at Mr. Caldwells. Monday, February 27.Left Caldwells this morning and marched to Odles Church, seventeen miles. Quarters at Mr. Watsons. Generals Lowrey and Loriiig joined us to-day with the troops they brought from the rear. Tuesday, February 28, and Wednesday, March 1.At Mrs. Watsons. No boats at the ferry, amid had to build some. Thursday, March2.Crossed the Ennoree at Jones Ferry and marched nearly to Unionville. Onr quarters at Mrs. Youngs, four miles from Unionville. Friday, March 3.Moved through Unionville and marched to Skeifts Ferry, on Broad River. Our quarters at Colonel Gists. Saturday, March 4.Spent at Colonel Gists. General Stewarts corps not yet crossed. Our infantry all over by night. Sunday, March 5.Crossed ourselves after everything was over and marched to within three miles and a half of Chester Court-House. Quarters at Mrs. Hardins. Monday, March 6.Moved into Chester this morning and made our quarters at Colonel Browns. From this time till the following Satur- day time passedI scarcely know how; I took no note of it. * * * It became necessary to follow on after the troops, all of which had taken the cars at this point en route for Smithfield, where we will probably concentrate our strength, and on the afternoon of Saturday March 11.We left Chester and reached Charlotte, N. C., forty-five miles, that night about 11 oclock. Here we remained until the morn- ing of Sunday, March 12, when we got up steam and made Salisbury, forty-five miles distant, by 4.30 p. m. Here we unloaded and, a saday or two will probably elapse before we can get off; took quarters at Major Smiths and Mr. Murphy~s, where remained until Sunday, March 19, when we again took the cars. Our detention at Salisbury was occasioned by a difference in the gauge of the railroad tracks, which necessitated a change of cars, and a scarcity of rolling-stock. Monday, March 20.Reached Smithfield Depot this afternoon about 5 oclock, unloaded our traimi. and bivouacked on the side of the railroad.

Page 1082 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. PLA.